Latest Core keeps Crashing on Launch

My core keeps crashing on launch. Downloaded the latest core. It was working for a few hours before, but then it crashed. And now when I relaunch it freezes on the keychain part and crashes a minute later. My storage / temps are fine. Reverted GPU driver also as this was causing issues.

e[1;36m [TestNet:Settings]: e[0mkey-chain ‘key0’ was FOUND!
e[1;36m [TestNet:Blockchain Manager]: e[0mOperator’s Key-Chain ID: (Redacted
e[1;36m [TestNet:Blockchain Manager]: e[0mOperator’s State Domain ID: (Redcated)
e[1;36m [TestNet:Blockchain Manager]: e[0me[38;2;255;172;5mNote:e[0m Your current ID within the network is:(Redacted)e[0m to generate and set new ID from your key-chain at any moment.

Thank you

Just done a fresh reinstall, rebooted etc. Crashed on the same part.

I downloaded an older version core with older msquic udt and still same issue so it is defintely an issue on my side.

Dear Operator!

Be afraid not, we are here for you.

Be advised to proceed as described in How to prepare GRIDNET Core crash reports

Once you’ve got a crash demp - let us know

I have got the dumps :slight_smile:

Would it be worth trying the self destruction procedure

do not self destruct your node just yet dear Ser, I would be taking those dumps from you shortly!

Where do I send these dumps?

Might have fixed it myself. Onto syncing. Will let you know if all is good

keep us updated, any idea what the issue was?

So when I was doing a full reinstall and then reinstall, I realised that all my old cores would appear back in the Gridnet folder.
So I done a full uninstall - restarted - and then installed and this sorted out the issue.
I think the issue was with where the keychain ids are stored, so when I was reinstalling, It was just installing back the same folder for some reason.