What is the Incentive for holding GNC?

Now that GNC is getting closer to being listed on exchanges, I’d like to know of incentives for holders. Can GNC be staked? Will there be a DAO? DEX and liquidity pools?

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Great question! As GNC inches closer to its much-anticipated listing on exchanges, we’re already gearing up for a host of features that should excite holders like yourself.

  1. Staking: while as of now we do not envision any forms of general purpose 0-layer staking, since the consensus protocol is based on proof-of-wok, we may consider in the future. Do know that GRIDNET OS is capable of rewarding for data exchange, the rewards issued are received based on the amount of assets put into the Identity Tokens. These cannot be reimbursed in any way thought, thus it’s kind of an investment.
  2. DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization): the system already provides the mechanics for DAO functionalities. We’ve built GRIDNET OS with governance in mind, offering a transparent, community-driven approach. We envision a future where GNC holders will actively participate in decision-making processes and guide the project’s direction.
  3. DEX (Decentralized Exchange): Yes, you heard that right! A DEX is in the works. Our team is putting in all the elbow grease necessary to ensure a secure and efficient decentralized exchange that will allow for trustless, peer-to-peer trading.
  4. Liquidity Pools & Automated Market Makers: For those of you who understand the importance of liquidity, you’ll be pleased to know that GNC holders will be able to provide liquidity to the pools used by automated market makers. This is an opportunity for holders to earn additional yield on their holdings, which is always a win-win!

So whether you’re into governance, trading, or maximizing your gains through staking and liquidity provision, there’s something for everyone in the GRIDNET ecosystem. We’ll be sharing more details in the future, so keep an eye on our updates!


Thanks for your response. It’s all very promising.

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