What happened to Reddit? Do we need decentralized platforms so much indeed?

As you might know I rarely post around here.

This story was brought to me by @CodesInChaos, and to him in turn, it was brought by ‘Redditors’ one of whom cooperated with @CodesInChaos in writing one of the articles published recently over at the GRIDNET Magazine - A Brief Introductory for Operators.

The ‘Redditor’ , let’s call him Jake, went ahead and published an invitation for everyone to see at /r/technology.

The post quickly gained traction, after just a few minutes though to all of his surprise, it was removed without any notice. So Jake - surprised by this sudden turn of actions, knowing the amount of effort they put into writing the article, he decided to e-mail administrators of /r/technology as soon as he returned from his daily job.

The conversation follows:

(…) when you wanted to post on ‘Reddit’, but their admins tell you that your parents haven’t hugged you enough (…)

Another Redditor let’s call her Janny, seeing all this, started a thread over at Reddit’s main https://www.reddit.com/r/AskReddit/

The sub-thread gained extreme traction all over again with 20K+ views in just a few hours.
I won’t be going much into narrating everything and simply keep posting screen-snippets of some of the posts/replies instead.

First Janny explained what she knew and what was of a concern to her:

Then some of the replies follow:

After being forced to, she referenced one of our research papers:

Some did not hesitate to express their feelings about Reddit:


She got to meet Witchcraft Hunters:

And some very wicked people as well:

Now here comes the funniest of them all; a guy by the nickname of ‘PhyllophagaZz’, the specialist in blockchain technology:

Who suggests our research to be funded by politics or large companies… or special forces or maybe Extraterrestrial Life itself.

In any case, after gaining ~120 upvotes and reaching the top of RedditAsk, the thread got removed by main ‘administrators’ of Reddit.com themselves.

Update [23.12.2022[: the person posting on Reddit reported that all of the sudden, people stopped replying to winter-season posts she was making. She was advised by us to check for what is known as a shadow-ban. Shadow-ban makes the person believe she’s making interaction within the community whereas in fact, nobody is able to see it…

So she proceeded to a website which could be used to verify the status of her account, good fellas provided:

So indeed. An account she used to own for many many years now got ‘shadow-banned’ for posting about a freedom-oriented scientific project.

Now one might wonder - is that the Internet community we want to be living in?

Is Reddit a worthy successor to UseNet ? I’ll leave it up to you, draw your own conclusions.

I vote for implementation of a Decentralized Reddit of our own based on GRIDNET OS.

After all we’ve been through, this shouldn’t be that much of a deal.

I already do see how we could efficiently employ the GRIDNET OS’ Decentralized File-System for the task at hand…

Count me in…

We could rely on the fact that our file system is hierarchical and that the very fact of inclusion of a file within a root-element of someone proves authorship of all the offsprings.

Thanks ot that, each message would not need to include a separate cryptographic signature, saving up on storage and transmission overheads.

@TheOldWizard looks like we, the Secret Governmental Representatives, have no other choice but to go ahead and finance these activities, what you say?

Finance this what… witchcraft?

Pitch it to me… last time I used UseNet was like 10 years ago and I have no slightest clue what ‘reddit’ is…

How about we set sail for a week in February and talk this through over o bottle ?

Allow me:
Imagine Usenet but with full senders’ authentication and incentivization through crypto of the contents being stored and offered.

Hosting nodes (decentralized) , running on our platform and incentivized both by publishers and readers (in the case of large binary files).

That’s pretty much it.

Today people use lame ‘Reddit’, with moron admins telling what one can and cannot say, while gladly posting almost any kind of contents, if one pays under the table, to the admin owning a particular ‘sub’.

It’s basically same situation as with Linked-In.

Linked-In is free for end-users (for the most of it, if one is not a recruiter etc.) and it also allows for ‘groups’.

The the hidden catch is that people strive to ‘admin’ most hyped fields and topics as that’s where the money is. Why? Because if anyone ever attempts to post anything the ruling admin finds to have slightest chance for profiting anyone… he would ask for a direct payment or ‘mod’ i.e. remove one’s post.

Basically that is exactly the reason why we are seeing both Linked-In and Reddit moderated so heavily…

The incentives behind administrating Linked-In groups and Reddit subs are thus pretty much aligned.

That clearly stands in the way of the freedom of speech and progress.

As could be seen on the screenshots above we’ve got an ‘admin’ ruling the entire, possibly planet-wide /r/technology sub-reddit, in accordance to his sole discretion and as he sees fits, and the ‘admin’ needles to say is an idiot, in short.

Our infrastructure as it is today, is already very much suitable for providing the needed backbone services and functionality at the least amount of work.

CodesInChaos… your passion never ceases to surprise me…

I recall being in the midst of your age; a friend from AT&T calling me to advise how they could scale and cope with excessive junk stored by users on their internal Usenet servers… For a moment Usenet literally was seen as their main IT operational cost,- not so much due to the hardware requirements, but due to all of the administrative costs and labor.

But, those were different times.

Public cryptography was at its infancy (if public at all).

Cryptocurrency and the possibility of incentivizing nodes through it was to come in … 30 years.

I’ve got a wife and I need to consult with her first. In any case, sounds like fun.

In the meantime,
@CodesInChaos You’ve got my consent to proceed with this further. Let me know what you need.

@CodesInChaos @vega4 Boys, do you need an ex-Googler to take care of UI/UX for the upcoming new-toy of yours?

thanks Boss.

we just might…

That’s what Washington Post has to say on this very topic:

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I’ve made an update… isn’t that scarry? what and who really hides behind it?

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You can use the URL below which proves that these actions taken by Reddit are real:

People actually created tools which allow to prove to the others that Reddit acts in such a way, hilarious.

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Hot News: you can now exchange information freely - there’s no need to ‘Reddit’ :sparkles:

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Reddit admin spotted in the wild…

Folks; lots of effort is being put into a polling-based extension to the decentralized file system… the extension would empower next-gen, fully decentralized social platforms… as seen on Twitter and our YouTube LIVE-streams…

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Looks like Reddit’s censorship rant continues…

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