Welcome to GRIDNET Community

Wizards (…) They came from the lands of bits and bytes (…) armed with the guns of computer science and cryptography (…) no mercy for centralization have they ever got (…) Wizards even though anonymous, include some of the most proficient individuals on the planet Earth (…) Our mission to promote freedom, anonymity and to provide Home for all of those who share our believes.These forums all for all the nerdy folks out there! For us, for our friends, students, fellas passionate in computer science, cryptography, tinkering, hacking (both software and hardware), programming, security, arts (…) We aim the adding new sub-forums very soon:-) Last but not least these forums have been established to enable for the GRIDNET OS operating system to grow, the way we all, together deem it be (…) (…) so report bugs (…) keep on testing (…)after all , there’s a Wizard in all of us (…) and we all are on a journey called Life :pray: