Wallet - random find - GUI crash

When I press “copy address” button in main page of the wallet app it reloads my whole GUI. Both logged in and not logged in. Kinda weird, might be an issue on my side, please confirm.

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I’m on watch today …UI is my playground so… I’ll take a look right after my run! :innocent:
Update 1:
I was able to reproduce the issue, and that is something…
Update 2:
Got it. Turns out there was an HTML button, and for some reason, the default behaviour in recent versions of Chromium changed for buttons without defined explicit types of Buttons.
By default, the default behavior of all of the buttons is the one defined by HTML5 standard which is to SUBMIT. And that caused the entire webpage to be reloaded.

I have introduced explicit types to buttons (all buttons used by Wallet UI dApp).

It worked, buttons now do not cause a page-reload :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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