Votable File System Extension

Fellas, what we have been working on currently is inheritance of Security Descriptors along with the encapsulated polls.

Now you may wonder why and how is that useful.

Imagine, user A created a directory. He associated a Poll with this very directory. The poll targets a security descriptor targeting the ‘write’ permission. The poll has the required threshold reached. The poll also has a flag set which causes the corresponding Kernel-Mode actions to fire.

For a poll associated with such a security descriptor, the default Kernel-mode action would be for the very object to be deleted.

By default, when automatic actions are not enabled, the ‘winner’ would be granted an ephemeral, dynamic Access Control Entry, and the winner could decide when (and whether to) delete the object, as he sees fits, meaning on his sole discretion.

With automatic actions enabled, though, the file would get deleted autonomously, without any action needed to be undertaken by the ‘winner’, which might happen to be a random person who wanted to have the file deleted indeed.

Now, with inheritance, if users A defines such a poll on a folder, the poll would be inherited down the file-structure, without need for re-creating on manually on per file/object basis.
Why is that so desired? Think Big. Think out of the box.
Imagine decentralized Reddit, Decentralized YouTube, decentralized Twitter.
With contents/ topic/ threads/ messages - manifested through files on the implemented by us decentralized file system.

The sub-reddit owner could setup properties of the very sub-reddit, and all the sub-threats would have these properties inherited autonomously.
We’ll be issuing an update to the test-net soon, so make sure to take these mechanics for a spin yourself. Let us test these functionalities together so that we may ensure that the Glory of Freedom and Decentralization prevails. :sparkles:

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Also it goes without saying that we do listen to any sound ideas you might have. We may implement just about anything as long as the idea seems ‘cool’ enough.

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