The Question of Interoperability With Existing Blockchains

Hi Gridnet fam, was just wondering since linking to various blockchains via bridging for easy movement and swapping of assets is a big deal these days. Are there any plans to ensure easy communication between Gridnet and other ecosystems like Cosmos, Polkadot and EVMs?

Dear @coinsgaga

That’s an insightful question and one that taps into the essence of the rapidly evolving blockchain ecosystem! Let’s take a look at some of the aspects involved.

Interoperability is indeed a crucial feature in today’s blockchain space, allowing different networks to communicate seamlessly. When it comes to linking GRIDNET to other ecosystems like Cosmos, Polkadot, and EVM-compatible blockchains, there are several layers and facets to consider:

  1. Protocol Layer Bridging: This involves establishing communication channels between the base protocols of the respective blockchains. It’s the foundational layer that ensures transactions are validated and understood by both chains involved.

  2. Token and Asset Transfer: This entails creating wrapped tokens or representation of assets from one chain on another. For instance, transferring a GRIDNET-native token to an EVM-compatible chain might involve locking the original token on GRIDNET and minting a representative or “wrapped” token on the target blockchain.

  3. Smart Contract Interaction: It’s not just about transferring assets. The real magic of interoperability shines when smart contracts from different chains can call and interact with each other. This requires a more complex bridge, often involving oracles or relayers that can read and verify transactions and contract calls across chains.

  4. Shared Security and Collators: Some networks, like Polkadot, use shared security models. Interfacing with such networks might involve engaging with their collator and validator set, ensuring that both networks recognize and trust each other’s consensus mechanisms.

In terms of GRIDNET OS Team’s plans, while our primary focus currently remains on refining and expanding our core infrastructure and capabilities, interoperability is very much on our roadmap. We’re keenly aware of the advantages that bridging to other ecosystems can offer, both in terms of expanding GRIDNET’s reach and enhancing its utility.

Do note that we’ve been actively researching the topic of employing ‘bridges’ with other networks for efficient implementation of cross-chain Automated Market Markers.

Indeed, building bridges, especially in the decentralized world, is not just about technology but also about community collaboration, partnerships, and shared visions. It’s a journey, and we’re excited about the possibilities it holds for GRIDNET OS and the broader blockchain space.

Stay tuned for official announcements and developments on this front, and thank you for being a part of the GRIDNET family!

Once again, thank you so much for this question @coinsgaga - should you wish to follow this topic further with us - do not hesitate.

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