Terminal Log - minor issues

Prompts regarding whether logging is enabled or disabled seem to be delayed by 1 prompt - Example:

  1. I press Terminal Log toggle 3 times
  • Terminal Log disabled
  • Terminal Log enabled
  • “nothing displayed”
  1. I press Terminal Log toggle again (lights up on green, should be “Enabled”)
  • Terminal Log disabled
  1. I toggle Logging App Events
  • Terminal Log Enabled

Minor graphic glitch with sliders in Terminal Log - sliders do not fully cover “Apps” and “Term” - when toggled OFF you can still see a bit of green letters at the side of the slider

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@PauliX you might want to take a look.

@Alpacalypse glad you came to like the newly added to-do-list functionality! That helps to structure reports like a lot. Anyway, I’m on it!:grinning:

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Yes, it is convenient, especially when I get to find only minor issues. Can’t find anything major (:wink: ) but I keep on trying. I look forward to abusing new custom App install features :smiley:

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I was able to reproduce all of these issues. @PauliX ?

I’ll be on it in a sec. Wish me luck.

That I fixed already. It was more of a layout issue rather than programming one. The bottom-most ‘simply’ never got to get shown. I’ve tweaked this along with some other quirks. One may see below:

Looking further…


And that indeed was the case :face_with_peeking_eye.

Now, I’ve made sure not a single pixel sticks out of the sliding thumb :innocent::

Thank you so much @Alpacalypse for your report! :heart_eyes:

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Thank you so much for the exceptional work you’ve performed, @PauliX.

Have I ever said how lucky we are to have you around ? @PauliX … dancing her way through the front-end tech… Lindsey Stirling style…