Strange things happening to Twitter

Guess folks around here never were big fans of centralized services such as Twitter. Still, there’s no getting away from the fact that if one wants to get the information out, there are not so many paths to follow while being on a budget. One may either spam people around (which is neither cool nor legal), or one may use ‘free’ social platforms which well either steal your privacy away or push advertisements down your throat - or both.

Recently some went furious seeing the extent to which Reddit exhibits censorship oriented behaviour. Having a planet wide forum related to technology and having an admin shadow-ban one’s account (10K+ posts, a 5y+ old account) for speaking out about some cool tech certainly is not something to be anticipated, at least by the author of such a post who proceeded with good intentions. We also saw artists getting banned because a Reddit’s admin either didn’t like the piece of art or deemed it as generated though AI,- an assessment which in the end turned out to be wrong.

Today at the table we’ve got Twitter. Elon Musk bought Twitter, we all know. A fact which was encountered with mixed feelings from the entire community. Seeing all that, one day, Elon - wearing a poker face established a poll on the very platform which he acquired, asking whether he should resign from his current position as the Twitter’s CEO. He promised to follow the community’s judgment. He lost. Did he fulfill his promises, though? Not quite so.

Months passed and all of the sudden we’ve seen Twitter’s logo getting replaced by a dog’s face.

Funny? May be so, still, some of us get to wonder in what other kind of way a centralized platform such as Twitter could be affected by an influential individual such as Elon.

Elon has not failed to entertain the community further. He promised to release portions of Twitter’s source code.

And so he did. In the meantime, the valuation of Twitter halved compared to the price at which Elon made the acquisition.

We’ve taken a look at the source code released and so may you right over here.

Ever wondered why Elon has such a high outreach on Twitter? Well, a dedicated treatment of his tweets by Twitter’s source-code certainly does not get in his way! He has a dedicated category, ranked higher well above politicians and other dignitaries.

But does that stop over there? Not quite so.

Recently we’ve learned that Elon became jealous about another similar service - ‘Substack’. Now what happens when you Tweet about it? Expect yout posts to be be shadow-banned, likes would not appear, retweets of your writings would not work.

Is that what we want?

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Actually, we’ve just had an article, tackling these matters, published at the GRIDNET Magazine, right over here.

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