Some random stuff that I found recently:

Some random stuff that I found
When I try to open random file that is not readily opened with Editor - in my case file called ID - it automatically runs UIApp Template script (sample question - how are you today?) even thou I can’t find source file for that script anywhere in Gridnet filesystem.
Is it possible that I have it cached locally and it is called from within my local files?
You’ve hidden /System from the viewer, I still can access it if I type /System directly into File Manager
When I enter Gridnet without logging in, use some stuff and then press “Log in” bar on top, it does not display a QR code for login.

That’s all for now, will update a list soon enough :wink:

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Kindly thank you for your report @Alpacalypse.

We definitely need assistance of @PauliX as she’s the lead of UI/UX experience and front end-technologies.

Since she’ll be back by the end of next week, I’ll try to get someone from her sub-team to come over. We need to improve information flow related to these matters @TheOldWizard.

I will definitely look into the organization matters.