Significant Milestones Achieved & Exciting News for the GRIDNET Community

Hello GRIDNET Community,

We hope this message finds you well. Today we have some exciting news to share on the progress we’ve been making with the GRIDNET Decentralized Operating System.

Firstly, we are delighted to announce that the decentralized state-machine now running GRIDNET Core 1.1.1 has successfully passed the last ‘checkpoint.’ This checkpoint was the last block generated by an earlier version of GRIDNET Core.

This achievement is a major milestone for us, as it marks the first time we have fully validated the mechanics of ‘checkpoints,’ including all edge-case scenarios. This not only paves the way for continued progress and improvements to all layers of GRIDNET OS but also provides us with a peace of mind. With the successful implementation of ‘checkpoints,’ we are reassured that the consensus will not break down the line. This allows us to innovate and venture into novel decentralized features with calmness and confidence.

In other news, we have been hard at work refactoring the OpenCL sub-system of GRIDNET Core. Large portions of it have been completely rewritten, thanks to the self-diagnostic tests that enabled us to spot instabilities across various hardware platforms.

Our official nodes are now up and running the newly refactored OpenCL sub-system, with NVIDIA hardware at its core. The best part is that the decentralized state-machine is now continuously accepting new blocks, thus further extending the history of events. Processes like transactions, identity token registrations, and others are fully available again.

This is indeed a great stride forward, but we’re not stopping there. We encourage all of you to keep testing, as every bit of community feedback helps us refine and perfect our system. Remember, all transactions are considered final.

we want to further emphasize the core values of transparency and openness that underpin our development philosophy. We are a community-driven project, and we believe that everyone should be able to witness and participate in our progress.

In light of this, we encourage all members of the community to monitor the ongoing developments with our official nodes firsthand. You can observe how our work continues to evolve and unfold, seeing with your own eyes how we are driving the future of decentralization.

You can monitor our progress via the following sample nodes:

  1. (GPU enabled miner)

By keeping an eye on these nodes (SSH or UI and switch to events’ view by pressing CTRL+W once in the Virtual Terminal), you’ll get a real-time view of the remarkable work happening at GRIDNET. It’s a great way to engage more deeply with our project and see the incredible strides we are making in creating the world’s first decentralized operating system.

We always appreciate the invaluable insights and feedback from our community members. So feel free to share your observations and thoughts as we together navigate this exciting journey.

Thank you for being a part of GRIDNET. Together, we are reshaping the future of decentralized systems.

Stay tuned for more updates!


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This is really great news. I will try registering my identity token as soon as i find the chance.
Keep the great work going team Gridnet!