Scrumbbled core


I would like to ask for help becouse i lost last 3 month of minning.
Ive been running the version before quic implementation

On 01.03. core crashed and I tried new version it was stuck net -all and net boot didnt help so ive tried resync. First time local other 2 just “resync” all of them crashed in diffrent points ( around 28K,38K,50K BH ).After another restart It crashed on Verifying Block Headers hight 17388 so i decide to switch files from backup iv made month ago.It work but then on this miner ive lost 2 sub id and ~1200 GNC. One of id are visible when i switch back to version that crashes at 17388.At all of ids i dont see balance with whoami ( i assume that i will be shown when i mine something ).

  1. Is it possible to switch some files that will pass 17388 mark so i can transfer GNC from those ids when they unlock?

Update : System freezed and after restart last sub id reports same value as last 2 that was missing, after using genid it generated sub id with adress that looks same as before.

Operator, why you getting in touch so late, huh? What’s up?

yes yes we got a totally new redundant layer of data exchange to improve data exchange mechanics even further.

Operator! You ALWAYS need to have your private. Not having your private key backed up is irresponsible. 1200 GNC is a lot of money.

use keychain utility to back up your Master Private Key backed up.

Operator! Your private key is ALL you ever need to be spending assets. You may export the private key to your mobile app and spend assets as soon as these unlock. You do not even need own a node. Your assets are SECURE at all times as long as you keep your Master Private Key secret.

Operator, Core would report proper balance only once it reaches height at which your mined blocks are present. BUT always remember that it’s only your local view. Other Operators they have Core synced fully and they are protecting and would be protecting your assets at all times.

My advise to you is:

  1. Ensure both TCP and UDP 443 ports are open (note that UDP and TCP are separate thing), need dedicated firewall/ NAT entries.
  2. restart Core, let it run it would manage on its own
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Hello, Tkanks for fast reply.I do have HD master key and import it but after core catched up BHH i had been showing 4 ids and none value all of them,after few hours it start to show balace on all 4 and i wasnt sure that genid will overwrite 5 & 6 sub id but it “generated” same adresess and i didnt expect that it will menage to do it by it self. Thats feel like magic😁

Magic all around my friend :sparkles:

Now, remember that you might need to execute sync command to ensure your Terminal is well, synchronised with the current state of the network.

And your node ‘learns’ new state by processing blocks.

The state is not being updated automatically for you so that you, an Operator, wouldn’t be dirupted while executing your commands in Terminal.