Rypamycin - research papers

The current Holy Grail as far as I can tell - Rypamycin.

Any news, research papers, conversations in regards to dosing are invited to go right here.


I dunno how reliable is wikipedia article regarding rapamycin:

But 3%-20% chance to get skin cancer and/or other side effects is kinda scary. Any info regarding side effect mitigation?

Doesn’t the very same article (on Wikipedia) state that:

In studies, the skin cancer risk under sirolimus was lower than under other immunosuppressants such as azathioprine and calcineurin inhibitors, and lower than under [placebo](Placebo - Wikipedia).[1][44]

:thinking: Also, keep in mind that life-extension dosages tend to be way smaller than those used while treating transplantation patients. Also , one does not take such a cocktail on daily-basis, but say once… maybe twice… a week; at least that is what I do.

I’m gonna contact a buddy of mine regarding the skin-cancer topic, anyway.

Fair enough, I kinda missed that in the wiki article, thanks. Side effects list is kinda scary tho, hence my caution. I am all up for chemical support of biological functions, gotta look for sources of these delicious cocktails in Poland.
On the side note, a while ago I’ve seen an article regarding modified artemisinin (some compound added to support migration into cells) to be used as cancer treatment, but now i can’t find anything besides some alternative medicine websites. Do you know if it was a sham or was it legit?