QUIC Compatible Alpha Pre-Release


**Alert: **new port **444 UDP **is to be used.

Here is the very first alpha pre-release of GRIDNET Core supporting the QUIC protocol as the main transmission layer protocol for cross-node data exchange.

**What does this mean? **

  • Core would prefer QUIC connections over UDT connections.
  • should two connections be found between two nodes over both QUIC and UDT, the UDT connection would be TERMINATED.
  • node would first attempt QUIC and fallback to UDT only should the former fail.

There have been vast changes to many sub-systems. Among others the Peer to Peer network discovery has been postponed during the initial bootstrap sequence. What does this mean?

  • mining Operations would commence faster.
  • initial connectivity might be WORSE, but it is expected to improve over time as Core keeps running and first run of Kademlia peer discovery is completed.

Now here are some crazy cool utilities you might want to play around with:

  • net -connect IP ← would force QUIC connection between your node and a remote endpoint.
  • grid -report connections ← see all the connections (both QUIC and UDT)

What do you need to do?

  • Simply replace the files included herein.
  • QUIC operates over port 444 UDP, make sure to allow this port in your firewall as well as - ensure that this port is properly routed on your router.

Yet again, all Tier 0 nodes are now QUIC compatible.

IMPORTANT: this is an alpha pre-release and MIGHT be less stable than what you’ve been currently using. The idea is for us to test and evaluate, together.

For Hackers:

  • grid analysis -on ← extremely low level notifications, neither mining nor synchronization would be enabled. Gives a detailed overlook on what is going on under the hood.

  • grid -focus IP ← logs would include information regarding a select IP.

  • net -connect IP -udp ← would use UDT instead of QUIC.

Feel invited to check out the corresponding man-pages.

Release.zip (6.2 MB)