QUIC Compatible Alpha Pre-Release 2

Dear Operators,

We are excited to announce the release of Alpha Pre-Release 2 of our QUIC-compatible GRIDNET Core. This release marks a significant milestone in our journey towards a more stable and performant transmission layer protocol for cross-node data exchange.

IMPORTANT: GRIDNET Core now supports both UDT and QUIC connections. Thanks to a massive work of our Team members over the past few weeks UDT library has been vastly improved. QUICK connections would be preferred if remote node does not support, the system would fallback to QUIC. Operators have the capability of tracking connections in real-time.

Key Improvements:

  • Enhanced Stability and Performance: Our QUIC-compatible Core is now way more stable and performant in regards to maintained connections. We have addressed various issues and made significant optimizations to ensure a smoother and more reliable experience.

  • Port Change Alert: Please note that a new port, 444 UDP, is to be used for this release. Make sure to update your firewall settings and ensure proper routing on your router to allow traffic on this port.

New Features and Utilities:

  • Force QUIC Connection: You can now use the net -connect IP command to force a QUIC connection between your node and a remote endpoint. This allows for more control over the type of connections established.

  • Connection Reporting: The grid -report connections command enables you to view all connections, both QUIC and UDT, providing valuable insights into your network setup.

Important Considerations:

  • Upgrade Instructions: Simply replace the files included in the release package. Ensure that you allow traffic on port 444 UDP in your firewall settings and properly route this port on your router.

  • Alpha Pre-Release: It’s important to note that this release is an alpha pre-release and may be less stable than previous versions. We encourage you to test and evaluate the release together with us to identify any potential issues and provide feedback.

For Hackers:

  • Low-Level Analysis: Activate extremely low-level notifications with the grid analysis -on command, which provides detailed insights into the underlying operations without enabling mining or synchronization.

  • Focused Logging: Use the grid -focus IP command to log information specific to a selected IP, facilitating troubleshooting and debugging.

  • UDT Connection: If needed, you can still use UDT instead of QUIC by using the net -connect IP -udp command.

We invite you to explore the new features and utilities included in this release and provide us with your valuable feedback. Together, we can continue to improve and refine our Core to meet the evolving needs of our community.

Thank you for your continued support and collaboration.

Best regards,

Alpha Pre-Release.zip (6.2 MB)