Problem with the Browser UI dApp

@CodesInChaos @vega4 I’ve just noticed there’s a problem with viewing websites through the Browser UI dApp after the recent update. Urgent.

Let me piggyback on your thread here :wink: I have a small issue with window scaling for Browser and will explain how to replicate it step by step:

  1. Open Browser
  2. Grab right edge to stretch it to the right
  3. While holding the edge, move it onto dApps toolbar at the edge of the screen, and then, still holding, back onto main portion of the screen
  4. In my case, it caused Browser edge to sort of permanent snap to cursor, whenever I move my cursor near the edge it gets dragged along.
    I hope it’s clear enough to replicate, I managed to do it 3 times over and over again.

Thank you @Alpacalypse , pending verification on my end. On it :blush: