Polish Wash Trading Group and GRIDNETSWAP.COM - ALERT

Important Public Statement: Caution Advised with gridnetswap DOT COM

Dear GRIDNET Community,

We are reaching out to address several pressing issues regarding gridnetswap DOT COM, which have recently come to light.

Background Information:

  • It has been identified that the individual known as ‘Prophet’ on Discord also (‘popek1990’, ’ ‘No_man_one’ etc.) on Twitter among others have been associated with the Polish Wash Trading Crew. This group had previously invested in GRIDNET OS a few months ago.
  • We have received numerous complaints from our community members about their assets not being properly credited to their accounts on gridnetswap DOT COM. Initially, we remained neutral, as gridnetswap DOT COM operates as an independent service outside of our direct purview.

Addressing Misinformation:

  • We were informed that gridnetswap DOT COM has been attributing these issues of unregistered assets to alleged network problems within GRIDNET OS.
  • We took the necessary steps to investigate these claims thoroughly. In a public and transparent manner, we demonstrated in real-time that the assets in question had indeed been on gridnetswap’s accounts, sometimes for days.
  • As a project dedicated to honesty and transparency, we cannot tolerate such unfounded accusations being levied against GRIDNET OS.

Our Response and Assistance Offered:

  • In light of these issues, we reached out to gridnetswap DOT COM to offer our assistance once again. We also reminded them of the crucial need to operate their node for any market interactions, primarily for security reasons.
  • Unfortunately, gridnetswap DOT COM has not responded positively or shown willingness to address these issues.

Advisory to Our Community:

  • Given the lack of cooperation and the spread of misinformation by gridnetswap DOT COM, we strongly advise our community to cease all interactions with this platform.
  • We prioritize the security and well-being of our community members and encourage you to exercise caution in your dealings with external platforms.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter. Our team remains committed to upholding the highest standards of transparency and security within the GRIDNET OS ecosystem.

Stay vigilant and stay safe.

The entire history of our conversations with gridnetswap DOT COM is being made available below as an attachment.

Best Regards,
Wizards - gridnetswap ENTIRE conversation.zip (57.1 KB)

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