My feedback based on these few days with gridnet software

Hello, I really like the project idea, but I must hereby manifest that I am highly disappointed and frustrated with the way things been going.

  1. During the weekend mining was not possible because attacks were being conducted and the gridnet process was dying. So I did configure to start automatically everytime the process is finished, but for the whole weekend did not mine anything, so I thought maybe is because I was running on a VM, so I got a bare metal machine with dedicated GPU.

  2. Wednesday, nothing mined. Switch to the bare metal machine, impossible to sync. After hours, suddenly it starts syncing. Ok! It has been running for hours and I dont think that will ever mine something.

  3. Can we please get metrics? Mining algorithm, how long currently does it take to mine with configuration X or Y. How much is the reward? Please, people need reference and I don’t think this is hard to provide. Most of people don’t really seem to ever be able to mine something in this network - such things should be done before promoting these OTC trades, which honestly raises red flags with the current network status.

  4. Is there any plan of ever going open source? I see no point on the live development streamings on youtube with blocked comment sessions and no published code - it’s just contradicting.

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oh yes, we’ve been under having attacks recently at various layer of the software. Things are getting only better, we keep standing our ground and pushing back attacks!

Yes again, entry point nodes faced serious attacks these are the nodes Core prioritize when synchronizing from Genesis Block.

We do not provide or aim to provide such statistics. Block production continues at a nominal ratio (and oftentimes higher!). These operations were not affected in any way by the ongoing attacks. You may verify yourself with chain utility.

Going open source is not on the horizon. Explanation can be found over in our GitHub repository and other places. Not going open source has only been paying so far and turned out to be the only viable path to go. Open sourcing does not imply decentralization. Most of popular crypto wallets in the wild are closed source, it’s in fact difficult to find a popular wallet which is not, also more than 50% of popular hardware wallets deemed as most secure crypto storage devices are not open source as well (Ledger).

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