Misc findings regarding Gridcraft gameplay

It’s been a while since I had some time to play, but it finally happened, and I have some stuff :wink:
Start with issues/bugs I found:
When I dig straight down, at the certain level I go through fabric of the universe and start falling from the skies, directly above the hole I made. So, if not moving, I can keep on falling indefinitely. In OG minecraft there is a bedrock layer that blocks players from digging too deep. It may be a good idea to implement it.
I jump, and try to build a pillar under myself (same as in minecraft). If I click fast and build while falling I can lock myself in geometry of the block I place.

Now for some weird stuff that is not technically a bug, but still weird.
Water. I fall through one layer of water blocks, nothing underneath. I can mine/destroy water with a pickaxe. In minecraft water has a volume - takes all space available under the surface and flows into whatever space it can. I know it might be tricky, and very very low priority, but in the future it might be worth considering.
Even though inventory bar is displayed, and with different kinds of blocks, I can’t seem to select any other than “dirt” block. Neither numbers on keyboard nor mouse wheel switches between displayed inventory items.

And for the end, a question.
World persistence when?

So one may actually reach the fabric of the Universe through one of the UI dApps running on GRIDNET OS (…) I knew it!

Yes, from what I recall @Mike (who’s currently not present on our forums, for whatever reason) has implemented the player’s fall mechanics to warp player back to the Skies (once Hell is reached, after one went through the Fabric of the Universe, that is). The height , at which the player is spawned initially and thus the player’s fall time, was made such to allow for the world’s generation procedure to finish on his laptop computer.

Yes, that is the case.

I agree. I’ll contact Mike and make his ass come around.

I’ll look into that.

That is a very interesting case. It might be way more tricky and interesting to implement than what it seems at first sight. Why? World’s persistence and synchronization of changes across nodes. There would need to be some neat (decentralized) algorithm which would take into account changes done by players (…) and generate the rest of the world (water flow) based on these changes, as these are made. While it’s extremely interesting and definitely we’ll be looking into it, it is not a priority for now. But hey! Not so many months ago Gridcraft itself was ‘only’ an idea as well…

I’ll be looking into that as well.

Currently, we’ve been focusing on the Browser/ data proxying / web-anonymization sub-system.

@Vega4 and @CodesInChaos they are to write a dedicated article regarding these mechanics as these surely deserve a dedicated article on the grounds of their own (from what I can tell, the Wizardous Proxy indeed became a huge sub-project).

Very soon we’re to focus on allowing for others to spawn nodes of their own. After that we’ll be giving Gridcraft additional love :laughing: And something tells me Multiplayer will arrive little bit sooner than world’s persistence.

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I got a word from him that he’s expecting to have these things looked at and sorted out by the end of next month max. He’s now heavily into and finishing up on some research papers related to dynamically generated wilderness, whatever.

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