Miners' Rewards Performance Issues

hello Wizards . I am unable to mine any blocks at all for 2 days .

[RAM available]: 7.654 GB [RAM used]: 10.108 GB [CPU]: 27.728 % [Local CPU]: 23.163 %
121 Mhps
7 to 8 connections with other nodes
sync 100%
behind a router but uPnp enables and traffic allowed
EMA : 9.1 SMA : 13.3
difficulty : 5543764
block : 31867

did you get any answer? I might have similar problem.

Not yet unfortunately

That’s not great :frowning:

when you run ifconfig , do you have issues with that?
my problem somehow is related to that matter … however it should have been auto-installed by the script

Thank you for your testimonies, Operators!

RAM usage and CPU looking good.

Mhps looks like you might be running 4090, correct?

7 - 8 connections with other nodes is more than fine.

Now are you seeing rewards reported in the bottom left dynamic bar? ( [Rewards] ) - it pops from time to time in the Event’s View.

Difficulty is rather high even for your card. You would be getting rewards but the actual results may vary.

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maximus mate, are you ok to help me out set up miner?