Memory Pool Simulator

Announcing the Excel-based Simulator for GRIDNET Core Nodes

10/22/2023 - Today, we are thrilled to announce the release of our Excel-based simulator, a robust tool designed specifically to simulate the behavior of the memory pool in GRIDNET Core nodes. This development aims to provide a deeper understanding of how the memory pool collects processable objects, such as transactions, and offers a hands-on experience for users wanting to dive deeper into the GRIDNET ecosystem.

The primary function of this simulator is to assess the number of processable objects that the GRIDNET Core would anticipate before it begins to form a data block. Such a capability is paramount for developers, researchers, and enthusiasts looking to optimize and understand the intricate workings of our system.

A highlight of this simulator is its foundation on the concept of an Exponential Moving Average (EMA). EMA is a crucial element in our algorithm, known for its adaptability to recent changes, making it indispensable in environments where values can exhibit volatility. Users of the simulator will have the autonomy to customize all parameters, allowing for a wide range of testing scenarios and evaluations.

Furthermore, for those curious about how the actual GRIDNET Core operates, the default parameters embedded in the simulator mirror the ones currently in use in the GRIDNET Core source. This ensures that users can get an authentic feel of the system’s operations right out of the box.

With the launch of this simulator, we hope to provide a valuable resource to the community, facilitating a more comprehensive understanding of the GRIDNET Core and its mechanisms. By offering insights into the behavior of the memory pool, we aim to foster innovation, promote research, and enable better decision-making within the network.

For those interested, the Excel-based simulator is now available for download on our official website. Dive in, explore, and let the power of simulation guide you to a deeper appreciation of the GRIDNET world.

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Min Mem Pool Objects (102.3 KB)