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Hey pals. As I am more like a sales/marketing/design guy and your coding wizardry is smtg like a black magic to me, let me ask some… customer questions caused by my cryptofriends, unfamiliar with Gridnet:

  1. Do you provide content describing how Gridnet works like infographics/videos/tutorials?
  2. Were you considering a second version of the whitepaper „for tha masses”?
  3. Does condensed info about GNC, tokenomics, plans, utility for the token, utility for the OS itself etc. etc. could be find somewhere in a form of a doccument?
    Cheers, Cybor

Dear @Cyborro,

First of all, welcome to the ⋮⋮⋮ Community as I can see this to be your very first post.

Thank you for your thoughtful queries! As someone involved in sales and marketing, your questions are of high value to us, and we appreciate your curiosity about Gridnet.

We indeed have several resources to help understand how Gridnet works. An insightful showcase video is available at GRIDNET OS - Intro - YouTube, and our online magazine, available at, is a trove of tutorials and introductory materials. Please feel free to reach out and let us know the specific aspects you’re most interested in, and we’ll be more than happy to guide you to the most relevant information.

Regarding a more accessible version of the whitepaper, you’re spot-on in your thinking. Our team is actually working on an extensive document that aims to be as comprehensive as a Ph.D. thesis. However, its level of detail might not make it the most ‘masses’-friendly document.

For your query about tokenomics, you can find all the relevant information on the Gridnet Coin (GNC), its utility, and our future plans, in a dedicated section available here: Please note that a revised version of this document is in the works, although the fundamental aspects of the tokenomics will remain the same.

Once again, thank you for reaching out, and I hope these resources provide the clarity you were seeking.

Best Regards,

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