Invalid Security Token


I’ve tried to pass mobile app tutorial but im still getting the invalid security token or invalid state-domain error any one can tell me where i made mistake?

[Terminal]: Decentralized Thread [�’�m5$��] is now Ready!
…` ``` …
[Transaction Manager]: Waiting for myself to become ready…
[Transaction Manager]: I’m ready, commencing further…
[Transaction Manager]: Running
$ cd 13whS5PCxR4V2Sj11bS9AzPXKgArHb7HeR
:negative_squared_cross_mark:Unknown State-Domain
[Blockchain Manager]: Exception v: False (Unknown State-Domain)
$ sct test net
Unknown Commit target; neglected.
:negative_squared_cross_mark:Access to the local Security-Data-Store is DISABLED!
[Blockchain Manager]: Exception v: False (Access to the local Security-Data-Store is DISABLED!)
$ sct testnet
Commit target set. You may proceed.
$ bt
Ad-Hoc Transaction formulation began. You may proceed.
$ vt
[Source-code empty]

$ genid -p 13whS5PCxR4V2Sj11bS9AzPXKgArHb7HeR
:negative_squared_cross_mark: Aborting Transaction due to an error. You may retry.
Thread Aborted.
[Blockchain Manager]: Exception v: False (Invalid Security-Token!)