🚀 Introducing GridScript++: A New Feature of GRIDNET OS!

We are excited to announce an upcoming release of GridScript++, a groundbreaking addition to the GRIDNET OS family. While GridScript 1.0 has been the foundation of our system, we believe in continuous innovation, and thus, GridScript++ is here to complement and enhance the capabilities of its predecessor.

GridScript 1.0, our Forth-based language, has been the backbone of the command line interface for GRIDNET OS. It’s incredibly powerful, providing low-level functionality and an amazing command line-based textual user interface. However, we understand the need for a more versatile programming approach.

Enter GridScript++! :boom: This new programming language is designed to be fully object-oriented (or functional, depending on your preference) and, most importantly, backwards compatible with JavaScript, the world’s most popular programming language. This compatibility means that millions of JavaScript developers can seamlessly transition to using GridScript++ and contribute to the GRIDNET OS ecosystem from day one!

The interoperability between GridScript 1.0 and GridScript++ allows developers to access one language from the other and vice versa, even recursively! The shared execution context between the two state-machines ensures that variables, spent assets, and other crucial information persist across calls to ‘evalgs()’ when called from GridScript++.

Our goal with GridScript++ is to give GRIDNET OS a competitive edge over platforms like Ethereum and its Solidity programming language. While GridScript 1.0 is undoubtedly powerful, its syntax may be challenging for some developers. With GridScript++, we not only incorporate functional and object-oriented programming paradigms but also provide a familiar environment for JavaScript developers.

So, let’s compare: how many Solidity and JavaScript developers are out there? With GridScript++, we’re opening the doors to an enormous pool of talented developers ready to dive into the world of decentralized applications using GRIDNET OS. Let’s revolutionize the decentralized world together! :globe_with_meridians:


There’s now a dedicated article comparing GridScript++ and Solidity available at the GRIDNET Magazine: https://gridnet.org/wpp/index.php/2023/05/06/gridscript-the-next-generation-blockchain-programming-language-for-gridnet-os/

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Wait a sec, weren’t people supposed to stick to Forth?

I remember loosing my head to Forth (…) and back then I considered nothing could possibly beat Prolog.

Someone tell me where’s the World headed…

See, there’s more to programming than having your colorful balls sorted by o robotic arm.