Important Update on GRIDNET Core Node Availability

Dear Community,

You may have recently experienced unexpected disruptions in the availability of our ‘official’ nodes, specifically those under the domain We wish to shed light on the situation to ensure clarity and maintain trust within our dedicated community.

The main driver behind these sudden accessibility issues was the identification of a potential vulnerability in our decentralized UI mechanics. We urge you to understand the depth and importance of this vulnerability by referring to the detailed security report we’ve shared: GRIDNET Core Security Report.

To rapidly address this challenge and prioritize the security of our network, we swiftly executed a deployment of the latest ‘nightly’ build across all nodes directly managed by us. Moreover, nodes not under our direct operation were sent an emergency shutdown command. This command was disseminated network-wide via our kademlia-based subsystem, fortified with a signature through Overwatch privileges.

While our standard operational protocol excludes endpoint nodes from such developmental updates, the severity of the potential breach compelled us to extend the deployment to those nodes, ensuring airtight security across the system.

We sincerely appreciate your understanding and patience during this time. Our primary focus remains the security and stability of the GRIDNET Core. We continue to work diligently to ensure that all nodes are back up and running smoothly, safeguarded against any potential threats.