How can i start mining

Hello, im new here and i read the whitepaper.
Really i appreciate the work of the team, i just download the last update of Gridnet OS core and still runing in my terminal, any one can help me to setup

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Hey there!

I’ve been preparing an article which is to be published at the GRIDNET Magazine which is supposed to take you by hand through all the actions required to setup a GRIDNET Note.

The topic is available right over here

should you run into any trouble just let me know…


thank you! Can you post a screenshot of what you’re seeing? You might also want to deliver at least parts of the log-file so we could investigate the situation.

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Yeah sure

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does it hang indefinitely at this stage? If not, no trouble I can spot , at this stage…

On the screenshot, it is verifying local copy of the heaviest chain-proof, which protects the history of events, based on it, data blocks would be scheduled for download later on.

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had you been having any sort of trouble 10 days ago; give it a go with the most recent build; lots has changed…

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