Hot Fix Release 1.4.6a

GRIDNET Core 1.4.6a Release Notes (Intermediary Update)

Dear GRIDNET Community,

We are pleased to announce the interim release of GRIDNET Core 1.4.6a. This update serves as a stepping stone towards the more comprehensive version 1.4.7, scheduled for release by the end of this month. In the interim, we will continue to release hot-fix builds to address any immediate issues and enhance overall system performance.

Download URL: GRIDNET Core 1.4.6a

Key Highlights of 1.4.6a:

  1. Stability Enhancements:

    • Focused improvements on system stability to provide a smoother operating experience for both Operators and end-users.
  2. Performance Optimizations:

    • Several under-the-hood adjustments have been made to optimize the efficiency of GRIDNET Core, ensuring better resource management and faster processing.
  3. Bug Fixes and Patches:

    • Addressed critical bugs and vulnerabilities identified since the last update. These fixes are crucial for maintaining the security and integrity of the GRIDNET OS.
  4. Preparation for Upcoming Features:

    • Laid the groundwork for exciting new features and enhancements set to be introduced in the forthcoming version 1.4.7.
  5. Continuous Hot-Fix Updates:

    • Operators, expect regular hot-fix releases within this thread to swiftly address any emergent issues before the major 1.4.7 update.

Note on Version 1.4.7:

The upcoming GRIDNET Core 1.4.7 is poised to be a significant update with a comprehensive list of changes, including new functionalities, additional security layers, and further optimizations. We are committed to ensuring that this release meets the high standards of performance and reliability that our community expects.

Intermediary Build Updates:

Please keep an eye on this thread for consecutive intermediary builds that will be released leading up to version 1.4.7. These builds are part of our ongoing effort to continuously improve GRIDNET OS and address the evolving needs of our community.

Your Contribution:

Your feedback and contributions are invaluable to the continuous improvement of GRIDNET OS. We encourage Operators and users to download this interim release, test its features, and share your experiences. Your insights are crucial for the successful rollout of the upcoming major update.

Thank you for your ongoing support and commitment to the GRIDNET OS project. Together, we are driving innovation in decentralized systems and shaping a more secure and efficient digital future.

Download the Intermediary Update Now: GRIDNET Core 1.4.6a

Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for being a part of the GRIDNET community!