Has pure capitalism failed? Decentralized socialism might be the way to go

A wonderful article has just been published at the GRIDNET Magazine available right over here. Enjoy.

I’ve had this posted on Reddit. Guess what happened?
The moment the post began to gain traction (just after few minutes), with quite a few interesting comments etc. It was brought down by admins. Looks like their Chinese censorship apparatus acting at its fullness.

https://www.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/12h8rjg/has_pure_capitalism_failed_decentralized/?sort=new, with people commenting while the post was no longer publicly available :rofl: Of course there was no notification from Reddit, no explanation, anything.

Many “libertarians” into Bitcoin. Still, I believe many Bitcoin lovers are into freedom, personal independence and above all - better standards of living - which is precisely what decentralized socialism could achieve.

Many people get socialism mistaken with its inefficient centrally controlled implementations. Now, decentralized socialism is a new concept.

In fact, previous implementations of socialism were so inefficient that I am not surprised that people get repulsive on the first sight - but I believe it is due to a lack of knowledge of what ‘socialism’ truly is.

Even most hardened promotors of capitalism, with good understanding of ‘economic systems’ do acknowledge that ‘socialism’ is an ‘utopian heaven’ which failed to be implemented for a verity of reasons, at least so far.

Now the article is about discussing and spawning a debate of whether advancements in technology… decentralized technology… freedom oriented technology, could lead to more effective (* not state controlled ! *) implementations of socialism.