GridScript++ System API Documentation

:rocket: Welcome Aboard, Space Traveler! :rocket:

Greetings from the intergalactic realms of GRIDNET OS! You’re about to embark on a cosmic journey through the decentralized galaxies of our operating system, guided by the celestial map of GridScript++. Fear not, for the System API is your trusty spaceship, equipped with all the gadgets and gizmos needed to navigate the decentralized universe.

:milky_way: Your Galactic Guide: The System API :milky_way:

The System API is your interstellar passport to the GRIDNET OS decentralized operating system. Designed for the savvy space explorer (read: GRIDNET Core application), it can be wielded from the cozy confines of your space cabin (read: terminal) with the mighty ‘evalGPP’ GridScript command. With its trusty sidekicks, System.user and System.assets, you can retrieve the fingerprint of the universe (read: ‘Perspective’), identify extraterrestrial beings (read: logged-in users), and even exchange intergalactic currency (read: assets)!

:hammer_and_wrench: Your Space Toolkit: your web-browser or SSH :hammer_and_wrench:

Before launching your spaceship, make sure to test all systems in ephemeral mode. This can be done by deploying your code to a file and then executing it, or by executing your code inline from the terminal. Just remember, your code file should have a .gpp extension, and you can use the ‘call’ or ‘callTransfer’ GridScript commands from the Terminal. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

:stars: Your Cosmic Compass: GridScript++ Namespaces :stars:

The System API is divided into three namespaces:

System: The control room of your spaceship. It provides essential information about the state of the GRIDNET OS decentralized operating system.
System.user: Your friendly onboard robot that helps you manage user-related functionalities.
System.assets: Your intergalactic bank that enables asset transactions.
Together, these namespaces form the backbone of your cosmic journey, enabling you to navigate the GRIDNET OS and the GridScript++ programming environment with ease and finesse.

So strap in, grab your space helmet, and let’s blast off into the decentralized cosmos with the System API of GridScript++!

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