GRIDNET Test-Net: Rigorous Testing Underway for GRIDNET Core 1.1.1

Hello GRIDNET Community,

We’re excited to share some insights into the rigorous testing currently underway on our Test-Net. Our main focus is assessing the capability of GRIDNET Core 1.1.1 to achieve a coherent state across multiple nodes when synchronizing from the Genesis Block. Our objective is to ensure a harmonious symphony of nodes, each playing their part perfectly in the grand orchestra of our network.

We are exploring a variety of scenarios under a range of conditions. For instance, we are scrutinizing various Network Address Translation (NAT) scenarios to ensure the software can handle complex networking environments seamlessly. The intention is to ensure that even in the trickiest of networking labyrinths, our GRIDNET software finds its way like a digital Theseus!

But our experimentation does not stop there. We are adopting a multi-faceted testing approach to understand how the GRIDNET Core performs under different situations. To give you a snapshot of our creative yet comprehensive testing:

  1. The Mount Everest Test: Just like a mountaineer, we simulate extreme conditions to see how our software copes with high-stress situations. This involves creating high-volume transaction scenarios to test the scalability of our platform.
  2. The Formula One Test: Speed is crucial, so we set up our very own digital racetracks. We test how quickly nodes can process and confirm transactions, ensuring that GRIDNET can keep up with the pace of the most demanding use-cases.
  3. The Time Machine Test: To test the robustness of our system, we rewind and fast-forward our blockchain, checking its ability to maintain integrity while dealing with large-scale reorganizations.
  4. The Swiss Army Knife Test: Just as a Swiss Army Knife handles multiple functions, we test our system’s adaptability to various tasks, ranging from simple transactions to complex smart contract executions.
  5. The Magician’s Hat Test: Like pulling a rabbit out of a hat, we throw in unexpected variables to ensure GRIDNET handles the unforeseen with grace.

These tests, while being fun and imaginative, maintain the highest standards of professionalism and precision. They enable us to guarantee that the GRIDNET Core 1.1.1 will provide the stability, scalability, speed, and security that our users deserve.

We understand that this might cause temporary disruptions in our Test-Net’s operations, and we thank you for your understanding and support during this phase. Your patience will be rewarded with an improved, resilient, and highly capable GRIDNET system.

Thank you for your continued support and participation in our exciting journey.

Best Regards,


oh! and you may keep track of those tests as well on your own!
some of the participating nodes include:

so just SSH your way to these / or launch the virtual terminal interface and enter the Events’ View (CTRL+W) to inspect how these nodes are doing at any moment.

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