GRIDNET OS' Final Investment Round - Announcement

Dear esteemed Investors, community members, and supporters of GRIDNET OS,

In our continuous stride to uphold transparency, fairness, and shared success, we are excited to outline our refined investment approach - meticulously crafted considering insightful dialogues and the collective wisdom of our community.

Final Investment Round – Capped and Fair

We acknowledge the insightful perspective shared by our esteemed community members and investors who echo similar sentiments. Upholding the long-term value and sustainable appreciation of GRIDNET Coin (GNC) is our unwavering objective.

In light of this, we’re excited to announce the initiation of the final investment round, distinctively capped at 300,000 USDT, aligning with the scale of our initial round. This definitive approach ensures that every investor engages on an equal footing, fostering a climate of fairness and mutual growth.

It’s essential to emphasize that our approach is not about chasing immediate funding or inflating initial numbers. As was rightly pointed out, whether it’s 1M or 10M, these figures barely scratch the surface of genuine developmental costs. We’re in this for the long haul, committed to bringing GRIDNET OS to its full potential and above everything we want to give our early supports an opportunity to profit, while increasing our liquidity now required for exchange-integration purposes. Our focus remains on creating value, fostering fairness, and ensuring long-term success for the entire ecosystem.

Transitioning to OTC - Amplifying Value

As will be depicted in a [SCHEDULE] - to be found down below, post this phase, we’ll gracefully transition into Over-The-Counter (OTC) trading, a strategic move inspired by our commitment to instigate organic and robust asset appreciation. The OTC trading group will be facilitated through a dedicated Discord OTC channel, ensuring real-time, seamless interactions, and transactions.

This shift to OTC, preceding our integration with exchange(s), serves as a calculated stride to nurture GNC’s value, protect it from abrupt volatility, and enrich its narrative of steady, unyielding growth.

The Rationale Behind Our Approach

The underpinning philosophy of this crafted approach roots in ensuring that the valuation of GNC is neither static nor inflated but is reflective of genuine, grounded interest. Every GRIDNET supporter, from early adopters to the new entrants, deserves an ecosystem where the asset’s value isn’t just preserved but is meticulously nurtured to attain its true potential.


  1. Our final investment round is scheduled to commence on Tuesday, 10/03/23 (October) at [12:00 GMT+1] (which is very soon thus one may want to stay alert).
  2. OTC trading on the GRIDNET OS OTC Trading channel (details forthcoming) will initiate 24 hours after achieving our cap.
  3. Concurrently, we will begin implementing (from scratch) and integrating a CEX. This process is projected to span one to three weeks. Upon completion, this exchange will be assimilated into the GRIDNET Core software, offering a web interface for remote users. We aim to support USDT/GNC pairs on both Tron and Ethereum networks.
  4. In the upcoming months, contingent on favorable global market conditions, we aim to integrate with leading Tier-2 exchanges.
  5. Our future roadmap includes the development of a DEX with automated market markers tailored for currencies on the GRIDNET OS. This will function as a GRIDNET OS UI dApp. While our immediate goal is to emphasize a GRIDNET OS-centric DEX for ongoing trading, we acknowledge that current automated cross-chain operations, from the perspective of GRIDNE OS, are either non-feasible or carry significant risks.

Key Highlights

  1. Final Investment Round:
    • Price Point: 0.22 USDT per GNC.
    • Capped at 300,000 USDT, ensuring a balanced, fair playfield for every participant.
    • No Vesting.
    • Prace: to be carried out in the exact same OTC way as the previous round (the @GRIDNET_Invest Telegram group, contact @BD_GRIDNET over DM and trust ONLY this account).
    • Marks the conclusion of direct investment phases for GNC.
    • The cap has been set in a way so that surpluss interest finds its reflection on the trading floor instead of behind closed doors as we indeed are after a long-lasting successful valuation of the Project.

[The Investment Procedure]

  1. Pick the amount you want to invest.
  2. Send that amount to a provided USDT address (over the Tron network NOT Ethereum).
  3. GNC would be delivered in minutes to follow after investment confirmed.

OTC Transition

  • As described in [SCHEDULE] above, we are to deploy a curated Discord OTC Channel for seamless, real-time OTC trading interactions.
  • We see this as a strategic step to augment GNC’s value pre-exchange integration.
  • The OTC stage is envisioned to last anywhere from 1-2 months, after which we are to integrate with select Tier 2 exchange(s), skipping Tier 3 exchanges entirely.

Ingrained Fairness

  • Every step, from the final investment round to OTC, is engineered to safeguard and enhance the asset’s value, instilling confidence and fostering growth.

Collective Vision

  • These refined steps underscore our unwavering commitment to not just uphold but elevate every stakeholder’s interest, creating a harmonious blend of immediate funding and long-term asset appreciation.

Moving Forward Together

We are on this journey together, every step, every milestone, enriched by the collective wisdom and unwavering support of our community. Every decision, every refinement, echoes our shared aspiration – to not just create but to nurture a world where GRIDNET isn’t just a technological innovation but a testament to unyielding, shared success. Above everything - we do listen, both to Investors and to Community Members. We do beleive that decentralization - it is all about Community. It is all about people who are involved.

Your insights, support, and belief in GRIDNET are not just valued; they are the cornerstone upon which every stride, every innovation is crafted. Together, we’re not just building technology; we’re sculpting a future where decentralized concepts are not just viable but are indispensable, reliable, and universally accessible.

We are not in pursuit of transient success but are devoted to a journey where every milestone, every achievement is a shared narrative of collective vision, unwavering support, and mutual growth.

In Anticipation of the Journey Ahead

We are poised at the cusp of exciting times. Every voice, every perspective is not just heard but is integral in shaping our journey. The forthcoming days are not just about the evolution of GRIDNET OS but are emblematic of our shared aspiration, collective growth, and mutual success.

Welcome to a journey where every step is a testament to shared beliefs, collective wisdom, and unwavering support. Together, we are not just creating a decentralized operating system; we’re building a world where technology, value, and shared success coexist, thrive, and set unprecedented benchmarks.


In days and weeks to follow you may expect:

  • constant updates to GRIDNET Core
  • lots of additional documentation and tutorials being released (and trust us, these are going to be exciting!)
  • updates to the mobile app for both iOS and Android

In earnest anticipation of the continued journey,