GRIDNET Core version 1.0.5

Download URL:

In case you’ve ever wondered how we test the software:

Release Notes:

  • GRIDNET Core now ensures that there is only a single instancy running at a time.

  • vastly improved caching of OpenCL Kernels.

  • GRIDNET Core now prevents Microsoft Windows from ‘falling asleep’ while it’s running.

  • Lots of improvements to the decentralized state-machine’s synchronization sub-systen.

  • Added initialization step which checks the underlying, native file-system for necessary access rights, deploys required directories and tests the actual access to these.

  • Lots of improvements to the overall stability of the Release Build.

  • Improved in-terminal reporting

  • Improved logging (to file),

  • vastly improved support of Intel / AMD integrated GPUs.

  • passed long-run tests (48+ hours) without any critical errors / disruptions.

  • tested multi-NVIDIA-GPUs rigs.

By installing and running you become part of the very same network seen on the video.

Just switch to the Events’ View to see all the events flowing by from these computers.