GRIDNET Core version 1.0.2



  • the software now autonomously tweaks and enabled colors in the output on Microsoft Windows.

  • largely improved scheduling of blocks’ downloads during synchronization

  • vastly improved utilization of the underlying UDT protocol

  • improved management of connections between peers

  • added the support for the main Operator’s Key-Chain to be exported to a mobile device through the computer-vision sub-system (QR Intents). Simply invoke ‘getkey -help’ in Terminal for more

  • it has been ensured that if a node bootstraps and if there are blocks pending processing, already available within the cold storage (on HDD) - that these are processed in the first place, without them being re-downloaded.

  • lots of other tweaks, bug fixes and performance improvements.

  • improved internal firewall for UDT connections.

  • improved load-balancing.

Folks, the biggest take-away from this update is vastly improved stability and performance of synchronization of nodes with the rest of the network.

What’s to come:

  • the hottest topic around is researching the possibility of lowering the number of ports in use and improving traversal of traffic in the presence of a variety of firewalls and NATs.