GRIDNET Core Release Notes - Version 1.3.7

GRIDNET Core Release Notes - Version 1.3.7

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Welcome to the release notes for GRIDNET Core 1.3.7! This release is packed with important updates that enhance functionality, stability, and user experience. Here’s a breakdown of the key changes:


:bug: Bug Fixes:

  • Mining Stability: Addressed a bug that led the software to crash as mining operations commenced. With this fix, Operators can confidently run mining without interruptions.

:mag: Enhancements:

  • Miners’ Rewards Verification: We have validated the mechanics of miners’ rewards issuance and vesting. This ensures that rewards are distributed correctly and according to the protocol.

  • Improved whoami Command: The whoami command now offers enhanced reporting. It will display both the amount of mined coins and their vesting schedule. This additional insight enables Operators to effectively track and manage their earnings over time.

  • in fact the utility can now print all identities derived from the Master Key-Chain which was established during the node’s autonomous bootstrap sequence. All these are enumarated.

  • Operators ! Pay attention to colors ! These are of importance. If the corresponding State-Domain (our cherished decentralized account!) is in grey - it is yet unknown to within the network. If, on the other hand - it is in Cyan (the Wizardous color!) - then the account is publicly available already and ready to used, be accessed and assets available to be spent (if any available!) and if not? Keep mining!

We always strive for perfection, but in software, issues can arise. Should you encounter any problems or have suggestions, please reach out via our community channels. Your feedback helps us shape the future of GRIDNET Core!

To the Operators, investors, and our community at large, thank you for your continued support and trust. Remember, the march towards a decentralized future is a collective effort. Let’s keep pushing forward, together.

Stay updated, stay decentralized!