GRIDNET Core Release Notes - Version 1.3.6

GRIDNET Core Release Notes - Version 1.3.6

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Dear GRIDNET community,

We’re thrilled to present to you the latest iteration of GRIDNET Core – version 1.3.6. We have always strived for excellence, and with your unwavering support and invaluable feedback, we believe this version encapsulates just that. Here’s a look at the enhancements and modifications we’ve introduced:


  • Stability and Performance: We have elevated the stability and efficiency of GRIDNET Core, ensuring smoother, quicker, and more reliable operations.

  • Operators’ Enhancements:

    • Identity Highlight: To provide Operators with a clearer view and better user experience, the Operator’s identity is now color-highlighted during the bootstrap sequence.
    • Key-Chain Name Highlight: Similarly, for increased clarity, the Key-Chain’s name will be color-highlighted.
  • Anonymization Functionality: We acknowledge the complexities that can arise from the built-in anonymization functionality. Thus, with version 1.3.6, this feature is disabled by default to provide a more user-friendly experience. Previously, GRIDNET Core would autonomously cycle through multiple identities derived from the main Master Secret, resulting in rewards distributed across these identities in a wrapping sequence. This behavior has been revised to offer greater simplicity.

  • Customization for Operators: Recognizing the diverse needs of our Operators, we’ve introduced customization capabilities. Now, Operators can tweak this behavior during the node’s initiation stage, should they wish to override the default fully autonomous Bootstrap Sequence.

Pushing Forward Together

As we celebrate this new release, we would like to take a moment to acknowledge the collective effort that drives the GRIDNET vision forward. The true strength of decentralized technology lies in the community that supports and believes in it. Each enhancement, each iteration is not just a technical improvement but a step towards a future where technology is transparent, free, and empowering.

It’s a journey of innovation, and as with all journeys, there are milestones and turns. But with you by our side, there is no challenge too great. Together, we’re not only shaping a product but pioneering a movement, a decentralized revolution where everyone has a say, and everyone shares in the success.

To the future and beyond, we’re honored to have you with us on this ride.

Warm regards,