GRIDNET Core 1.5

GRIDNET Core Version 1.5 Release Notes


We are proud to announce the release of GRIDNET Core version 1.5, a pivotal update driven by our relentless dedication to innovation, security, and most importantly, our community. This release might not be laden with new features, but it represents a monumental leap in our journey towards creating the most robust, efficient, and truly decentralized operating system: GRIDNET OS.

Synchronization Sub-System Overhaul

In response to feedback from our dedicated Operators about synchronization issues, our team embarked on a deep dive into the synchronization sub-system, with a laser focus on the QUIC data exchange layer. This exhaustive investigation, streamed live on YouTube for transparency, has fortified our synchronization mechanics, especially over the QUIC protocol, ensuring rock-solid reliability and performance improvements estimated to be tenfold.

Key Enhancements

  • Community-Driven Improvements: Leveraging live feedback and meticulous analysis, we’ve addressed alleged synchronization issues, enhancing the system’s robustness and ensuring a seamless experience for all Operators.

  • QUIC Protocol Enhancements: After identifying and investigating a potential issue that prevented nodes from validating chain-proofs correctly, our adjustments to the QUIC protocol have significantly improved data exchange reliability and efficiency.

  • CPU and Memory Optimization: Our live streams revealed insights into CPU utilization and mutex congestion, guiding optimizations that continue to favor the QUIC sub-system for its efficiency and lower resource consumption. Initial concerns about memory usage spiked during full resynchronization; however, further analysis suggests these were isolated incidents, with overall system performance remaining exceptional.

  • Firewall and Network Security: Acknowledging the attempts to exploit the UDT sub-system, we emphasize the importance of enabling the QUIC sub-system for enhanced security and performance. Operators are reminded to ensure proper configuration of UDP ports 444 and 443 for optimal operation.

Documentation and Command Fixes

  • Net Utility Documentation: We’ve updated the documentation for the ‘net’ utility, providing Operators with clearer guidance and ensuring all functionalities are accurately described.

  • Net -all Command Fix: A crucial fix has been implemented for the ‘net -all’ command, enhancing its reliability and ensuring comprehensive network analysis capabilities.


GRIDNET Core version 1.5 stands as a testament to our commitment to listening to our community, addressing challenges head-on, and pushing the boundaries of decentralized technology. This release underscores our focus on enhancing the core functionalities that make GRIDNET OS a leader in decentralization.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our community for their invaluable input and ongoing support. Your experiences and feedback are the bedrock of our continuous improvement and innovation.

Invitation to Operators and the Community

To experience the enhanced capabilities and dive into the technical advancements of GRIDNET Core version 1.5, we invite all Operators and community members to download the latest version.

As we stride together towards the glory of freedom and decentralization, let’s continue to support, innovate, and grow. GRIDNET OS is not just our future; it is a future we are building together, block by block, byte by byte.

Together, we are unstoppable. Together, we are GRIDNET.

— The GRIDNET Development Team