GRIDNET Core 1.5.1 Release Notes

GRIDNET Core Version 1.5.1 Release Notes


We are delighted to announce the release of GRIDNET Core version 1.5.1, marking a significant milestone in our journey towards decentralization. This version, leading the most recent hard fork - the Wizardly Party - has been a monumental event, championed by our official Operators. Their dedication and efforts have propelled us closer to the glory of decentralization, block by block, node by node. We stand strong, united in our mission, because we are powerful only TOGETHER.

Key Changes and Enhancements

  • Hard Fork and Decentralization Celebration: Version 1.5.1 introduces a hard fork that has been celebrated as the Wizardly Party. This pivotal moment, led by our brave Operators, underscores our collective progress towards an unparalleled decentralized future.

  • Documentation and Method Fixes:

    • Corrected the documentation for the getTX method; the correct argument is receipt not receiptID, ensuring clarity and accuracy for developers.
    • Network utilization has been meticulously analyzed and optimized to align with node requirements, addressing concerns about high network usage reported by some Operators.
  • Performance Optimizations:

    • Significantly enhanced the performance of the UDT layer, cutting down total CPU utilization of Core by 65%, a move that dramatically improves system efficiency.
    • Core now provides detailed reporting on the time spent discovering other peers, enhancing transparency and network diagnostics.
    • RAM memory utilization within Core has been improved, optimizing resource consumption and system performance.
  • Hard Fork Procedure Revision:

    • The Hard Fork procedure has been refined to ensure mobile apps remain connected to the network and can refresh balances during the Hard Fork, enhancing user experience and accessibility.
  • On-Chain Protection Enhancements:

    • Introduced on-chain protection against sending assets to invalid addresses by ensuring address constraints include only a-z and 0-9, safeguarding assets and enhancing network security.
    • Enhanced security measures have been implemented to address attacks targeting receipts of transactions which have been forked out, ensuring transactions are accurately reported in the current history of events.
  • Keychain Utility Improvements:

    • Investigated and resolved issues with keychain imports as reported by Operator Haz. The keychain GridScript utility now boasts additional functionalities, including renaming and duplicating key-chains and their Master Private Keys.
    • Improved handling of anonymous key-chains, ensuring they are appropriately named and managed within Core for seamless integration and use.
  • Utility Documentation and Command Fixes:

    • Updated documentation for the ‘net’ utility for enhanced clarity.
    • Fixed the ‘net -all’ command, ensuring comprehensive network analysis capabilities.
    • Refined the reporting mechanism of the key-chain utility, providing users with detailed and accurate feedback.


GRIDNET Core version 1.5.1 is more than just an update; it’s a testament to our shared commitment to creating a truly decentralized world. As we embrace the changes brought forth by this hard fork, we reaffirm our dedication to listening to our community, enhancing system performance, and safeguarding the network against vulnerabilities.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all Operators and members of the GRIDNET community for their unwavering support, feedback, and contributions. Together, we are not only witnessing the evolution of GRIDNET OS but actively shaping the future of decentralization.

To explore the full capabilities introduced in this version and join us in this revolutionary journey, we invite you to download GRIDNET Core version 1.5.1 and immerse yourself in the detailed Release Notes.

Let’s continue to build, enhance, and secure our decentralized future, together.

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