GRIDNET Core 1.4.9 Release Notes

GRIDNET Core Version 1.4.9 Release Notes

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We are excited to announce the release of GRIDNET Core version 1.4.9, a significant update that builds upon our unwavering commitment to excellence, security, and community feedback. This version introduces a range of improvements and fixes that not only address previously identified challenges but also significantly enhance the performance and security of the GRIDNET OS. Our development team has worked meticulously, incorporating extensive community feedback and conducting in-depth analyses to bring about these enhancements.

Key Enhancements and New Features

  • Community-Driven Improvements to QUIC Protocol: Following valuable feedback regarding issues with QUIC, our team conducted thorough data exchange analyses, employing tools like Wireshark to scrutinize every detail. The outcome is a refined QUIC protocol, promising to improve connectivity and synchronization efficiency by at least tenfold in Core 1.4.9.

  • Enhanced Protocol Management: Modifications to the QUIC and UDT subsystems now require a restart to activate or deactivate, marked as pending in the interim. This change ensures that Operators are properly notified whether the given sub-system is actually Operational or not.

  • Major Bug Fix in QUIC Synchronization: A critical bug that hindered nodes from synchronizing over the QUIC protocol was identified and rectified. The issue, rooted in the improper internal management of connection flags, has been thoroughly addressed, paving the way for seamless node synchronization.

  • QUIC Protocol Optimization: Further enhancements have been made to the utilization of the QUIC protocol, solidifying its role as the backbone of efficient and reliable data exchange within GRIDNET OS.

  • Firewall Command Security Increase: Security measures for the firewall command have been intensified to protect the internal autonomous firewall subsystem from external interference, ensuring the integrity of operations when accessing remote peers via decentralized UI or SSH terminal services.

  • Mitigation of New Attack Vector: In response to identified attack vectors exploiting QUIC connections, our team has integrated additional heuristics into the onboard autonomous firewall subsystem. Improvements in reporting within the Operator’s Terminal now include ‘Sync’ and ‘Sec’ indicators for each connection, signifying the status of Synchronization and Secure Session, respectively.

  • Optimized Memory Pool Exchange: Enhancements in the exchange of memory pool contents, including transactions over the QUIC protocol, have been implemented, ensuring more efficient transaction handling.

  • Automatic Termination of Stale Connections: Connections failing to initialize the synchronization protocol within 30 seconds will now be automatically terminated, streamlining network operations and enhancing overall system performance.

  • Refined Connection Mechanics for Mobile Apps: The handling of connections has been improved to better accommodate interactions with the mobile app, ensuring a more seamless and reliable user experience.

  • GRIDNET Core Installer Fixes: Two pivotal issues with the GRIDNET Core Installer have been resolved:

    • A missing DLL related to the QUIC subsystem is now included, ensuring a complete and functional installation package.
    • An issue preventing successful installation due to erroneous version detection has been corrected, facilitating smoother updates and installations.


GRIDNET Core version 1.4.9 stands as a monumental release, driven by our dedication to listening to and implementing community feedback, enhancing security measures, and continuously pushing the boundaries of what our decentralized OS can achieve. These updates reflect our military-grade approach to software development—meticulous, strategic, and unwavering in our pursuit of excellence.

We extend our deepest gratitude to our community for their invaluable feedback and support. Your engagement is the cornerstone of our continuous improvement and innovation.

To experience the latest advancements in GRIDNET OS, we invite Operators to download version 1.4.9 and immerse themselves in the enhanced capabilities and security features. Together, let’s continue to shape the future of decentralized networking.

A Call To Operators

Operators, your vigilance is our fortress, your participation our strength. In recent months, our journey towards decentralization and freedom has been met with challenges, with numerous attack vectors emerging from the shadows, each aiming to undermine our collective mission. Yet, it is in these challenges that we find our unity, our resolve to push forward towards the glory of freedom and decentralization.

Remember, the security and integrity of GRIDNET Core nodes are not just the foundation of our decentralized operating system; they are the bedrock of our future—a future we are crafting together. As Operators, your role transcends the mere management of nodes; you are the sentinels at the gates of our digital realm, the vigilant watchers safeguarding our path to a decentralized tomorrow.

Be ever mindful and perpetually vigilant. In moments of doubt or when threats loom, remember that the warnings GridScript command is your ally, offering clarity and insight into ongoing or suspected issues. While Core tirelessly monitors the digital horizon, it is you, our Operators, who bridge the vital connection between the underlying bits and bytes—the 0s and 1s—and us, the Guardians of The Protocol, your dedicated Development Team.

We stand united with you, always listening, always ready to support. Together, we are not just participants in this digital revolution; we are its architects, crafting a future where decentralization reigns supreme, where freedom and security walk hand in hand.

To all Operators, let us move forward with unwavering determination, for in our collective efforts lies the key to overcoming obstacles and achieving the grand vision of decentralization. We are here for you, as you are for The Protocol. Together, we are unstoppable.

— Your GRIDNET Development Team