GRIDNET Core 1.4.2 Release Notes

GRIDNET Core 1.4.2 Release Notes

:link: Software Download: GRIDNET Core 1.4.2

Updates & Enhancements:

  1. Error Notification Priority:

    • Lowered priority on error notifications related to UDT-protocol data transits.
    • These are now categorized as debug info and won’t be visible by default, leading to fewer red flags for the operators.
  2. Network Topology Improvements:

    • Enhanced network topology assessment for instances operating behind a NAT.
    • This release addresses reported issues from multiple operators who faced challenges initializing the UDT sub-system.
  3. OpenCL.dll Library Check:

    • GRIDNET Core will now proactively attempt to load the OpenCl.dll library, ensuring the dependency is checked even before the Windows OS attempts to.
  4. Admin Privilege Checks:

    • The software will now verify if it’s running with admin privileges.
    • Explanatory messages have been added to inform users about the advantages of running the application as an administrator.
  5. UDT Bootstrapping Reporting:

    • Enhanced clarity and detailed reporting have been added during the UDT sub-system bootstrapping process.
  6. Enhanced Port & Service Management:

    • Integrated a sophisticated sub-system to assess the state of required ports on the host operating system.
    • GRIDNET Core is now optimized for compatibility with Microsoft’s Service API, allowing it to enumerate processes and specific services.
    • If processes or services are found occupying necessary ports, GRIDNET Core will attempt to halt those processes and stop the related services.
    • Operators will be provided with a notification and a 180-second window to abort this procedure, ensuring transparency and control. During this period, GRIDNET Core will interactively communicate with operators for each process or service action.
  7. Virtual Network Interface Settings:

    • Investigated and addressed an issue where custom settings provided by operators for GRIDNET OS’s Virtual Network Interfaces (namely eth0 and eth1) would not persist after system restarts.

We sincerely thank our dedicated operators and users for their feedback, which has been invaluable in this release. We remain committed to continual improvement, ensuring that GRIDNET Core is not only robust but also user-friendly.