Free GRIDNET Coin Airdrop – Grab Your Share! 🚀

Hello Freedom Advocates and Decentralization Enthusiasts,

Exciting times are ahead, and as a token of our gratitude to this thriving community, we’re thrilled to announce our very first airdrop for GRIDNET OS users.

If you’ve been following our journey, you know that this is a landmark move for us. In the past, we’ve refrained from conducting airdrops to ensure minimal selling pressure. But as we inch closer to our integrations with crypto exchanges, we believe it’s the right time to test the waters.

Here’s how you can claim your FREE GRIDNET Coins, valued at 50 USDT, based on the initial market’s opening position:


  1. Identification: Submit either:
    • Your mailing list ID (if you’re a subscriber).
    • A URL to your active social media profile boasting a minimum of 100 followers, created at least 3 months ago.

Why the above requirements? Well, we need to make sure the airdrop-mechanism is Sybil-proof.

  1. GRIDNET Wallet Address: If you haven’t got one yet, quickly download our mobile app available for both iOS and Android platforms, and share the wallet address.

  2. Stay Connected: If you haven’t already, hop onto our Telegram channels for real-time updates and community interactions.

  3. Provide your honest opinion of GRIDNET OS over Bitcointalk and cheer-up others over here. Keep in mind our unique features such as decentralized UI mechanics and the ability to process users’ inputs in real-time.

  4. rate the mobile app in the corresponding app-store you’ve used - write a brief review.

That’s it! Simply meet these prerequisites, and you’re in. We’ll process the airdrops in batches, multiple times a week. So, if you don’t see your coins immediately, don’t fret! They’ll be on their way.

This is not just an airdrop; it’s our way of saying thanks for believing in our vision and being an integral part of this journey. Together, we’re not only creating a platform but also revolutionizing the essence of decentralization and freedom.

There will be more ‘promotions’ coming with little bit more technical knowledge required. This one is entirely ‘free’.

While the coins you receive from this airdrop are entirely in your hands to manage as you see fit, we do have a humble suggestion. Given the relentless innovation and groundbreaking possibilities we’re introducing, it might be worth holding onto these coins for a little longer than you’d initially think.

It’s not just about preventing a sell-off the moment we hit the exchanges; it’s about understanding the profound value embedded within each GRIDNET coin. As pioneers at the forefront of decentralized solutions, we’re reimagining concepts and expanding horizons. With our ambition and drive, we’re confident that the potential value of these coins will only continue to grow over time.

In GRIDNET we trust. The future beckons, and it’s dazzlingly decentralized!

To infinity and beyond,


Hey Vega4
Hope your good .
May I ask where do I submit the information required?
What would my mailing list Id be? I believe I’m a subscriber :slightly_smiling_face: .

Thank you


Feel invited to submit the info right here that’s the purpose of this thread :smile:

You should be able to find the ID within the e-mails you receive. Should you be having troubles contact me over DM here.


Well I have had a look and there seems nothing obvious to me, to be an ID present on the emails I receive. Can you enlighten me please :slightly_smiling_face:

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@Jamie kindly get in touch with me over DM message on these forums as advised I would assist you further.


I’d like to take part in the airdrop. My mailing list ID is ‘GRIDNET_4219765’ and my Wallet Address is 1PiZhixRrHhAeAnC41srZpzRUu8xSdXdSn.

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Wallet: 15h3AVtQxc2qYcDdR2rdEZL3s5QiQ5g8xm

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That’s what I am doing Vega4! I am saying I can’t locate any Id within the emails I receive and I am asking for your assistance.

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GM! im new here! too bad my twitter got suspended lmao

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@bjorn @bananasiong Greetings, brave souls and wanderers of the digital realm!

:crystal_ball::sparkles: It is I, The Old Wizard, guardian of the decentralized arcana and the keeper of digital prophecies. I’ve gazed into my crystal ball (well, my RGB crystal ball… got to keep up with the times, you know) and witnessed your grand entry into our sacred forums.

First and foremost, a hearty welcome to each one of you! :tada: Remember, in this realm, you are not just another user. Nay! You are a valiant champion of decentralization, destined to shape the very fabric of our digital universe.

Now, onto the humorous truth, my dear newcomers! Without your fiery zeal and camaraderie, a decentralized project would be as lifeless as my old pet rock, Geoffrey (may his stony soul rest in peace :rock:). Yes, indeed! Your participation is the wind beneath our project’s wings, the mana that fuels our spells, and the antidote to any poisonous bugs that might creep into our sacred code.

As we embark on this journey, remember to tread with goodwill. Our mission is grander than any one individual. It’s about forging ahead together, addressing concerns, brainstorming ideas, and ensuring the legacy of a free and decentralized digital realm for generations to come.

So, grab your digital staffs, put on your thinking caps, and let us discuss, debate, and devise plans for a better tomorrow! And always remember, together we are more potent than any central server, no matter how massive. We march forward for the benefit of the entire decentralized global community. :earth_africa::sparkles:

With twinkles in my eyes and a mischievous grin,
:man_mage: The Old Wizard :man_mage:

P.S. as I’ve heard, indeed Cookies and enchanted elixirs (in the form of airdrops) are available in the forum’s lounge. But remember, too many cookies could slow down your browsing speed. Wink wink!


I would like to take part in the landing.
mailing list ID is: 'GRIDNET_6367119
Active profile URL in social networks: Juri Kurenzow | VK
GRIDNET wallet address: 19TNeHhL1jDr6Y8BKMxB7WkDs51HYbZuoz

Thank you in advance.

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mailing list id: GRIDNET_1533762

wallet: 1MB6JurqEjTUc1QoVFWguczQtj8ACVgwmL

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Roll up, roll up! Everyone’s welcome to join the magic! :tophat::sparkles: Word on the digital streets is that the base airdrop reward might dwindle by half soon. Hurry and spread the enchanting tales of The Good Wizard! :man_mage:

Now, you might wonder, “Why should I beckon others to this sorcery?” Well, because we’re at the cusp of something truly revolutionary! We’re paving the way to freedom-centric applications and services, ones that aren’t just static but interactive and alive!

And the cherry on top? For every magical being you bring into our realm, both of you shall be blessed with an extra 5USDT worth of tokens! :star2: But remember, a little ritual is in order: both of you need to give the bitcointalk thread a little nudge (a bump, if you will) and then whisper the news to me through a GRIDNET Talk direct message.

So, rally your fellow wizards and let the magic unfold! :milky_way::crystal_ball:

fear not, fellow adventurers! :milky_way: If the airdrop hasn’t graced your digital wallets yet, have patience. Every brave soul who joins before the official announcement shall be bestowed the promised base reward of 50USDT worth of tokens, based on the market’s inaugural stance. Hang tight and trust in the magic! :man_mage::crystal_ball:
@everyone pure magic :magic_wand: of bits and bytes (…) the 0s and 1s


Hi GRIDNET team, Interested in discovering OS functions.
Hope to receive some airdrop to: 17j3crxCvXroX2dn3BfMMq4hZCbJ4RoLc


Wallet: 1Cc6pCfzjsys2hPAG1rwuBF7zyDGQM7pxS

My Twitter ID:


Sorry, I couldn’t find the mailing list id
My wallet address: 1JMhqC1iEQD2b7xyYFYATAPAdiQoCAoW94

My Twitter:


Mailing list ID: GRIDNET_6671005

My wallet address: 12HeaqK77h8u4tikFNjkNQfLM2HiFCBrmS

My Twitter:

Mailing list ID: GRIDNET_4478733

My wallet address: 1EELzTXMcZ1JWh4EApCPpzy1CP69tkQzY7


mailing list ID is 5802574 apparently

Wallet: 1MmshiakvDJWJ5GMGSavzR9SYDXCzLmoW2

Thank you :slightly_smiling_face: :man_mage:

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