File hosting and http access

I have encountered an issue with website/file hosting within my domain.
While that one works:
That one does not, it says “not found”:

It looks like it is a problem with directory obfuscating mechanism because when I try to view directory content:
I get a prompt regarding being naughty :sweat_smile:

I have confirmed the issue, @vega4 @CodesInChaos would you mind researching this further?

I am on it!

That’s a separate thing.

The security mechanics of the embedded file/web-server prevent contents of directories from being listed, explicitly, when accessed from the outside.

Access through some of the JavaScript APIs is needed for that.

it’s likely though that there’s indeed some problem with obfuscation mechanics when accessing URLS with an underscore… on it…

you were right in that there was indeed a problem with directory traversal mechanics when serving data from decentralized storage over HTTP.

The path traversal mechanics have been now fixed.

Thank you my friend for the report.