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Leveraging all the encryption and stuff that is done between nodes and App, I think it might be useful to set up private/encrypted communication feature within App. In less-than-ideal conditions it might prove useful (like in an event of social unrest, nationwide firewalls on comms and such) . Of course each message is paid by allocated token pool.
Localized node to serve as a LAN/GSM comms server in case of WAN/LTE unavailability might be cool too, but that is totally different topic.

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Long time back… there was not GRIDNET OS.

There was ‘GRIDNET’.

Back in the early 2018, I believe, we have disabled access to the mobile app on the Google’s Play Store.

Yet still, its inherent idea gave foundation for GRIDNET OS and the decentralized state machine. We have never actually, even in most courageous dreams envisioned what the project would have become.

The team grew…


I have managed to retrieve description of the ‘previous’ mobile app from Google Play Store

It is a pre-alpha release of the GRIDNET mobile android APP.

Lots of features are not fully tested yet and even more, are missing.

The app was scheduled for release in the 3rd quarter of 2018 as per our Roadmap.

But even still. it is the first app which allows you to communicate freely and anonymously even when no Internet is available :slight_smile: The app will create mesh networks using Bluetooth and Wifi-Direct :slight_smile: Then you can teleport yourself to any remote place you desire:) You will see other GRIDNET users over there :slight_smile: The app supports private messaging. You can send music, photos, videos. The music will be perfectly synchronized among users thanks to our use of atomic clocks.

GRIDNET mobile app takes use of GPS, GSM Network Triangulation and Low Range Network facilities (Bluetooth/WiFi) to „sense” people around you.

While maintaining an average additional power consumption of around 1%.

Efficient discovery is possible outdoors as well as inside of buildings.

When you happen to have no internet access nearest user will deliver to you content appropriate for your current location.

He or She will also deliver your messages to the cloud; when your internet connection fails.

Every GRIDNET user acts as a repeater in the network - further increasing overall network range.

In a most „extreme” condition; internet connection is not required for both public and private communication - among a large number of people; across a large area.

GRIDNET technology allows for distribution of virtually unlimited content types including text, video and sound.
Every GRIDNET user can create his own music broadcast.

The sound coming out of speakers will be almost exactly the same in the same moment of time; thanks to synchronization with atomic clocks spread around the world.

Every other GRIDNETer can join your broadcast.

Be it at the other end of the table or…

The World…
… With one tap of your finger you can teleport yourself to a chosen place or a geographic region…

With GRIDNET mobile app you will be able to tap into live situation happening in a distant to your location. Other remote Other GRIDNET users will be seeing you on the list of people nearby as if you were actually there.
Language differences won’t impose a significant burden thanks to the incorporated support of Google Translate technology.

When „teleporting” to a distant location you will be just warned if your mother tongue language is different from the official one in the chosen remote Location.
If so - GRIDNET app might translate for you.

After the GRIDNET system is fully live the App will be integrated with the blockchain, will support live audio streaming, each user will be rewarded with cryptocurrency for helping with delivering data packets to others. It will be also possible to access the Internet through the mobile overlay network.

The main reason why the app was brought down was the lack of technology to incentivize data-exchange on per byte basis. We had no science and no technology, no one had, to make this a reality.

Now we do.

Similar ideas have been spinning on our heads for quite some time now.

The previous app was a native android app, which renders porting it to iOS impossible were we to resurrect it. The previous app looked rather cool, with facebook like style, fancy animations, group chats, with people popping onto your list as they were discovered in the background through bluetooth / WiFi-Direct, mash networks were being created with messages traversing the network.

Probably a very good utility for the scenarios which you’ve depicted.

We will be getting back to.

We will either deploy a separate app or indeed extend the current one.

In either case we cannot leave Apple users behind, and the previous app was a native Android application. Is used to use various fancy platform specific ‘hacks’ to get the job done. I recall especially in terms of Bluetooth support.

So it need to be Qt.

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Ok, it does sounds even better than what I had in mind. Reminds me of “Nexus” by Ramez Naam, with all that sharing and mesh networking and such. Of course they are using some sort of sci-fi nano stuff, but this one here sounds like second best :wink:

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a book … a book … a book! “Nexus” - is it worth a read?

It is entertaining. Sort of fast-paced adventure/action novel with some high-tech stuff (but not much apart from nano-things and Big centers for AI) and set around Asia and US. I liked it, it has like 3 parts. Not overly complicated, sort of light. Decent entertainment with hints of thinking about tech influence on people, development control and censorship by countries, and such.

Hi there, how to download the mobile APP?


it’s not like it’s hidden:)


Apple iOS: