Editor dApp "Insert Image" and other thing

As a title says, Insert image is not working/ not working as intended. When I press that button it opens a prompt to select an image from my PC, and, after I select it, nothing happens.
What I tried to do is to use an image that I uploaded to my state domain as an image in my index.html. It appears that, as of now, it is impossible for me to use these images in Editor.
I made a custom .html files called “memes.html” and “memebase.html” and uploaded them to check source notation to access files in folders. While I could display a picture that way (given the pic is in the main directory) I was not able to display a file from a folder (folder is called Pepes).

Curiously, when I open memes.html in Editor it shows that I have graphic files embedded there but when I hover a mouse for a bit over them it logs me out (??) and displays a prompt to log in over and over again.

Last thing regarding editor - I would love to have a possibility to switch it to pure “notepad” mode, it would be a lot more convenient for some specific editing for .html files.

That might be a very specific (advanced sort-of, as it involved drag and drop, binary data, decentralized storage etc.) functionality , we might not have tested thoroughly indeed.

In fact, I sort of felt somebody would report issues regarding that sooner or later.

Anyhow. Let us get to work.

That’s confirmed. Have you tried adding images through drag& drop and or by specifying URLS of these explicitly? I.e. through URLS pointing straight to files on the decentralized storage?

oh so you’ve actually tried the above, correct?

So inserting images through explicit image tags pointing to files on the decentralized storage, when images are in the main folder works, but doesn’t work when images in nested folders. corect?

There might be an issue with some JavaScript of the Editor UI dApp which causes an exception to propagate to the main context of the window which causes a redirect. Most likely , we’ll be looking into that.

You mean a mode in which one would be able to edit RAW html, coorect?

OK (…) Me and my sub-team are to be presenting a major revision to the Editor UI dApp which is scheduled for a roll-out within a month. I won’t be attempting to hot-patch the issue as that would require lots of sub-components to be rebuilt.

Let us wait for the new version of the Editor UI dApp, lots of improvements are on the way, including automatic detection of pasted images from URLs, automatic upload of images to the decentralized storage, spell checking etc. A month.

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Internally, I’ve been using a much upgraded personal version of the Editor UI dApp, I’ve been working on for quite some time now, there is no option to edit source-code of documents in the current public release, sorry for the confusion. So yeah, source code editing will be there on next roll-out of the Editor UI dApp. It works great and it feels great (already sort of) trust me.

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Thank you for the response. I have not tried using direct links eg. “https://test…/picture.jpg” I just tried using paths relative to the memes.html file. Nor I have tried drag and dropping.

So inserting images through explicit image tags pointing to files on the decentralized storage, when images are in the main folder works, but doesn’t work when images in nested folders. corect?

Correct. I see it is working now, @CodesInChaos fixed it while fixing directory obfuscation.
I really look forward to new Editor :grin:

Hey! Let me be the one to report that my updates to the ⋮⋮⋮ Editor UI dApp took effect today as part of the overall huge update issued to the ⋮⋮⋮ Test-Net.

I’ll report more, let it suffice now to say that one can now drag&drop images straight from the native operating system onto the ⋮⋮⋮ Editor UI dApp, these would be dynamically converted and encoded to base64 and thus encapsulated within the document itself.

There is a huge catch though. That is both inefficient and costly.

Base64 encoding increases the amount of data stored by around 25% on average.

But here comes another improvement! :grin:

Now, one can first upload images to decentralized storage, mark the resulting URL and THEN paste that very URL within the ⋮⋮⋮ Editor UI dApp. The ⋮⋮⋮ Editor would detect that the URL points to an image on the ⋮⋮⋮ Decentralized Storage, it would prepare a placeholder and insert the target image right within of it… free of charge (not taking into account the initial fee to upload the image to the ⋮⋮⋮ Decentralized Storage, in the first place, of course).

There are many many more improvements… including the possibility to edit the resulting HTML source code in a WYSIWYG manner, detection of contents copy pasted from Google Docs, Microsoft Word and so on…

Take it for a spin thank me later!

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I finally did get some time to try it and it does look promising :slight_smile: I have just one issue with it - when I open Editor after a few seconds it starts to reconnect (Connection “LED” blinking red-green) all the time, and keeps on asking me to log-in so I can’t commit any changes I made in my magnificent websites :sweat_smile:. It does not happen on other dApps.

@CodesInChaos need your assistance, as I do not see a direct relationship between the Editor dApp and the state of connection, if you could advise whom to bring onto the topic, once I (hopefully by today) verify the matter at hand.