Discord OTC Trading


Introduction to Discord OTC Trading Channels

Greetings, GNC community members!

We’re excited to unveil our new Discord OTC (Over-The-Counter) Trading Channels. These platforms are tailored to facilitate seamless, secure, and efficient trading experiences involving the GNC asset and other cryptocurrencies, bridging the gap until our integration with mainstream exchanges is finalized.

What is OTC?

OTC, or Over-The-Counter trading, refers to the exchange of assets, like cryptocurrencies, in a direct manner between two parties. This form of trading occurs outside the purview of formal exchanges and provides a personalized trading experience, allowing for increased privacy, quicker transactions, and enhanced flexibility. It is an essential trading medium, especially for assets like GNC that are yet to be listed on major exchanges.

Join Our New Discord Server!

We invite each one of you to join our specialized Discord server, designed to offer a platform where you can engage in OTC trades with confidence and security. You’re just one click away from a world of opportunities - Join Now!

Discover Our Dedicated OTC Channels!

  1. OTC_Sell: A dedicated space for sellers to list their GNC assets, specifying the quantity and desired price.

  2. OTC_Buy: Tailored for buyers, this channel is where you can express your interest to purchase GNC, providing details of the quantity and price you’re offering.

  3. OTC_Talk: A general discussion channel for all things OTC trading. Share insights, ask questions, and engage in conversations with fellow traders.

To ensure a quality experience, please note that traders can post only once per minute in the OTC_Sell and OTC_Buy channels.

Rationale Behind OTC Trading Channels

The primary aim of introducing these OTC trading channels is to enhance the liquidity of GNC, promoting a smooth and secure trading experience. While we are working diligently towards integrating GNC with prominent exchanges, these channels will serve as a vital trading hub, ensuring that our esteemed community members can buy and sell GNC with ease and security.

Our commitment to providing a platform where every trade is characterized by transparency, integrity, and security remains unwavering. We’re excited about this new chapter and encourage everyone to participate actively, adhering to the set guidelines to ensure that the OTC trading environment remains beneficial for all.

Happy trading!

I hope this introduction serves your community well! Feel free to modify it according to your specific needs or contexts.


All offers are GNC<->USDT


Welcome to the OTC_BUY channel. Please follow the rules below to ensure smooth and secure trading of GNC.

Allowed Messages:
Only two types of messages are permitted in this channel:

  1. BUY Offer: Buyer may post their GNC offer.
  2. Buy Confirmation: Seller respond to a buyer’s offer.

BUY Procedure:

  1. Posting an Offer:

    • Buyers are limited to ONE active offer at a time.
    • Format your offer as:
      AMOUNT: [GNC Amount] Price: [Desired Price in USDT]
      Example: AMOUNT: 10000 GNC Price: 0.3 USDT
      *In this example, “10000 GNC” is the amount you’re looking to buy, and “0.3 USDT” is the price per GNC you’re willing to pay in USDT *
  2. Sell Confirmation:

    • A prospective Seller responds in the channel with: GIVE @BUYER_USERNAME
    • Following the confirmation, the seller should contact the buyer or the Escrow agent via Direct Message (DM).

ESCROW Procedure:

  • Official Escrow: The ONLY endorsed middleman by Wizards is the GRIDNET_WIZARDS account.
  • Escrow Service: The service is provided at no charge.
  • Official Escrow Wallet Addresses:
    • GNC: ICOFund
    • BTC: 122TZCPQPu6iT1pSe4EdBK4MRpqptqAWY4
    • USDT (Tron): TJPQtwqiiAtrRsyei9AbqEdPowaNdCHace
    • USDT (Ethereum): 0x0E3512CE7f71F9C47Fc5cBaa68fce2720d98FB1d


  • Safety First: It’s recommended to use the Escrow service to avoid potential scams. Neither the server nor Wizards are responsible for any mishaps arising from direct DM trades.
  • Respect Privacy: Refrain from sharing personal information in the channel. All negotiations beyond the initial offer and acceptance should be done in DMs.
  • Violation of Rules: Not adhering to the above rules may result in warnings, mute, or a ban from the channel.


Welcome to the OTC_SELL channel. This is where you can post your GNC sell offers. Follow the rules below to ensure smooth and secure trading.

Allowed Messages:
This channel only accepts two types of messages:

  1. SELL Offer: For those looking to sell GNC.
  2. Buy Confirmation: For those wishing to purchase the listed GNC.

SELL Procedure:

  1. Posting an Offer:

    • Each seller is limited to ONE active offer at any given time.
    • Format your offer as:
      AMOUNT: [GNC Amount] Price: [Desired Price in USDT]
      Example: AMOUNT: 10000 GNC Price: 0.3 USDT
      In this example, “10000 GNC” is the amount you’re selling, and “0.3 USDT” is the price per GNC.
  2. Sell Confirmation:

    • A prospective buyer responds in the channel with: TAKE @SELLER_USERNAME
    • After confirming, the buyer should initiate a Direct Message (DM) with the seller or the Escrow agent.

ESCROW Procedure:

  • Official Escrow: The sole endorsed middleman by Wizards is the GRIDNET_WIZARDS account.
  • Escrow Service: This service is offered free of charge.
  • Official Escrow Wallet Addresses:
    • GNC: ICOFund
    • BTC: 122TZCPQPu6iT1pSe4EdBK4MRpqptqAWY4
    • USDT (Tron): TJPQtwqiiAtrRsyei9AbqEdPowaNdCHace
    • USDT (Ethereum): 0x0E3512CE7f71F9C47Fc5cBaa68fce2720d98FB1d


  • Safety First: Using the Escrow service is highly recommended to avoid potential scams. The server or Wizards will not be liable for mishaps resulting from direct DM trades.
  • Privacy Matters: Please avoid sharing personal or sensitive information in the channel. All further negotiations should occur in DMs.
  • Rule Violations: Non-compliance with the aforementioned rules can lead to warnings, temporary muting, or even a ban from the channel.

Official Update to GRIDNET OS OTC Trading Protocol

Dear GRIDNET Community,

In our continued effort to uphold the highest standards of trading and to ensure the safety and satisfaction of all participants, we are introducing a new set of protocols for OTC (Over-The-Counter) trading within the GRIDNET OS ecosystem. These changes are designed to fairly compensate our dedicated OTC agents while also providing robust protection against potential fraud, even from team members.

New OTC Trading Protocol:

  1. Introduction of OTC Agent Fees:

    • Going forward, each OTC agent will charge a transaction fee of 1%, payable by both the buyer and the seller.
    • For larger deals exceeding 25,000 USDT, this fee will be reduced to 0.5%.
  2. Enhanced Security Measures for Large Transactions:

    • For any transaction equal to or exceeding 5,000 USDT, it is mandatory to contact the Wizards account before initiating the transaction. This rule applies to interactions with all OTC agents, without any exceptions. Repeat: NO exceptions.
    • To proceed with such transactions, provide proof of the OTC agent involved and wait for an official confirmation from the Wizards account. Only proceed with the transaction after receiving a green light indicated by :green_circle: received in response. If :yellow_circle: received query again after some time. ONLY once :green_circle: received - contact OTC agent.
  3. Limitation on Simultaneous Transactions:

    • To minimize risk and confusion, we advise not to engage in more than one transaction with a single OTC agent at a time. Otherwise transaction is not covered.

Protection by the Main Treasury:
It’s important to note that these rules are not merely guidelines but a crucial part of our trading ecosystem. Only strict adherence to these rules ensures that your transactions are protected by our main Treasury. This means that following these protocols not only keeps your assets secure but also guarantees support from the GRIDNET OS team in case of any disputes or issues.

YOU MAY DECIDE TO FOLLOW RULES ABOVE OR YOU MAY NOT. It’s up to you. But remember - only strict adherence to rules above ensures protection by the Wizardly :man_mage: Treasury.

Effective Date:
These rules are effective immediately. We urge all community members and OTC agents to familiarize themselves with these changes and adhere strictly to them.

By implementing these protocols, we aim to strike a balance between rewarding the hard work of our OTC agents and safeguarding the interests of our community members. As always, we are committed to transparency, security, and the continuous improvement of the GRIDNET OS platform.

We thank you for your cooperation and continued support in making GRIDNET OS a safe, fair, and thriving digital ecosystem.

Best regards,
GRIDNET OS Team :globe_with_meridians::lock::briefcase:


:rotating_light: Attention, GRIDNET Community! :rotating_light:

We have been alerted to the presence of impersonators lurking in the OTC channel. These cunning individuals are attempting to deceive our beloved believers in freedom and decentralization. We cannot, and will not, let such treachery disrupt the sanctity of our community.

Please be vigilant! When engaging in transactions, always verify that the person you’re dealing with is wearing the official badge. This badge is a mark of trust and authenticity, distinguishing our true Community OTC Wizards from imposters. :shield::mag:

If you encounter someone claiming to be an Escrow service or an OTC Wizard without displaying the official badge, do not proceed with the transaction. Report them immediately to the Rulers of The Discord Realm. Your prompt action will help protect not only your assets but also the integrity of our entire community.

Fake Identity (notice no badge):

Official Legitimate OTC Agent:

Below are examples of what the official Community OTC Wizards Badge looks like. Familiarize yourself with these images to avoid falling prey to these ferocious individuals.

Together, we stand strong against deception. Let’s keep our community a safe haven for all those who champion the cause of freedom and decentralization. Stay alert, stay safe, and let the spirit of GRIDNET prevail!


Request to Community Members Engaged in OTC Trading on Discord

Greetings, esteemed GRIDNET community and valued participants of our Over-The-Counter (OTC) trading platform,

We’ve noticed a recurring issue that’s impacting the efficiency and effectiveness of our OTC trading on Discord. Numerous reports have come in from both buyers and sellers indicating difficulties in reaching out to each other. This seems to stem from a simple yet crucial setting within Discord – the ability to receive messages from other server members.

To ensure smooth and successful transactions, and to foster better communication within our trading community, we kindly request all members involved in OTC trading to enable the option to receive messages from fellow Discord server members.

Here’s how you can adjust this setting:

  1. Open Discord and go to ‘User Settings’ (the gear icon near your username at the bottom of the Discord window).
  2. Navigate to ‘Privacy & Safety’.
  3. Under ‘Server Privacy Defaults’, make sure the option ‘Allow direct messages from server members’ is enabled (ticked).
  4. Save your changes.

By enabling this setting, you open the door to seamless communication with potential trading partners, ensuring no opportunity is missed due to messaging restrictions.

We understand the importance of privacy and security, and we appreciate your cooperation in making our OTC trading community more accessible and efficient. Remember, effective communication is key to successful trades!

Thank you for your attention to this matter and for your continued participation in our community. Happy trading, and let’s continue to build a thriving marketplace together!

Best regards,