Calculator Issues

I mean, sorry about that but I broke some UI mapping in calc.
What I did was “any number” ±*/ “any number” = = at this moment it gives us 0 which is already weird. When I press / it locks selection of buttons to the lowest row, so all I can do is click 0 and = and i get “you broke it”. After that mapping is still going crazy and random.
Another thing is when you go 456 (or any other number) * now you get an issue that you cannot select 7 8 9.
I’ll edit that post if I find more. There are probably similar errors with button mapping so I wont be posting anything related to that.

The issue has been confirmed and awaiting resolution. Thank you for your report :pray:

@Alpacalypse the issue has been just fixed, with everything done on YouTube LIVE (implementation + testing).

We have made ⋮⋮⋮Calculator’s behaviour reassemble the one known from Microsoft’s Calculator, during edge-case scenarios (such as operator double pressed, second co-efficient not provided etc.)

As for the undefined behaviour of buttons, well seems like it used to boil down to a Bug in Chromium.
Still, we seem to have found a working work around.

Thank you so much for your report! Let us keep striding towards the Glory of Freedom and ⋮⋮⋮Decentralization :pray:

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