Bug bounty for penetration testing


I am wondering if there is a bug bounty program which offers GNC for severe security related issues found on the gridnet OS?

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GRIDNET OS Bug Bounty Program: Ensuring Security, One Bug at a Time!

Hello there!

Thank you for your interest in GRIDNET OS and for reaching out about our Bug Bounty Program. We’re always on the lookout for sharp-eyed individuals who can help us fortify our system’s security. In fact, the ongoing success and robustness of GRIDNET OS can be largely attributed to the valuable contributions from our community of penetration testers and security enthusiasts.

Here’s what you need to know about our Bug Bounty Program:

1. Reward System:
Our program rewards contributors with GNC (GRIDNET Coin) for each verifiable, significant security bug they report. The severity and impact of the issue determine the amount of GNC awarded. Rest assured, our rewards are competitive and aim to reflect the value of your contribution to the GRIDNET OS ecosystem.

2. Reporting Process:
If you believe you’ve found a security-related issue, we encourage you to report it directly to us via direct message (DM). This approach ensures that any sensitive information is handled discreetly and responsibly.

3. Evaluation Criteria:

  • Severity: We assess the potential impact of the bug on our system’s security and user privacy. The more critical the issue, the higher the reward.
  • Originality: We appreciate unique findings that have not been previously reported or identified.
  • Quality of Report: Clear, concise, and detailed reporting helps us quickly understand and address the issue. Well-documented reports with steps for replication are highly valued.

4. Eligibility and Rules:

  • To participate, you must adhere to our standard ethical guidelines and legal requirements.
  • Any testing must be conducted without harming GRIDNET OS users or the network’s integrity.
  • The bug must not have been previously reported or already known to us.

5. Recognition:
Apart from the GNC rewards, significant contributors might also receive acknowledgment on our platforms (if they choose to be named), highlighting their skills and contribution to the GRIDNET community. In fact, the names of the previous contributors have been included on the animated Eternal Wallpaper (see the Decentralized User Interface). Yours may end-up over there as well!

6. Continuous Collaboration:
Our Bug Bounty Program is an ongoing initiative. We welcome continual collaboration with security researchers and look forward to building lasting relationships with contributors who consistently demonstrate skill and professionalism.

So, if you’ve got the knack for uncovering security vulnerabilities and a desire to help secure the first decentralized operating system, we’re excited to hear from you. Your efforts could not only earn you GNC but also contribute significantly to the security and success of GRIDNET OS!

Together, let’s work towards a more secure and reliable decentralized future.

For further details or any queries, feel free to reach out to us directly.

Happy Bug Hunting!

With appreciation,
The GRIDNET Team :man_mage::closed_lock_with_key:

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