Browser - minor GUI overlay error

Just a minor issue with overlay. When I try to select a language in Wikipedia, browser sidebar expands and does not allow me to click links.

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@PauliX , requesting your assistance.

@Alpacalypse Ok, commencing with an attempt to reproduce it. Will keep you reported!

@Alpacalypse , @CodesInChaos I’ve spent quite some time on YouTube LIVE (4-5 hours), researching and implementing a solution to the reported situation.

As I went along, I’ve improved the overall aesthetics of the side-bar.

Now to the most interesting points.

I thought it would be best for the sidebar to disappear entirely (of course in sort of a fancy, animated way).
The question was… when should it disappear.

I came up with the idea of analyzing mouse movements as these take place within the Browser’s window.
The Browser UI dApp already plugged into the Window API and subscribed for the relevant events.

As I went along I have refactored and improved the Window API just a little but, by adding functions allowing for ad-hoc retrieval of cursor’s position, without the need of signing up for mouse events. Thus we are talking about both synchronous and asynchronous API functions now allowing for retrieval of the mouse position.

Which ever suit the developer best.

Anyway… I stayed with the asynchronous API. Just thought it would be best to have synchronous functions as well, that’s less work for developer in the end, the cached data might just be a few milliseconds stale.

I have rewritten entirely the mechanics responsible for showing of the sidebar.

Previously, these mechanics relied on CSS3, now these related to how and when the sidebar is displayed are 100% JavaScript driven so we ended up with more control.

So, how it works, and the most interesting aspect, probably, is that now, the Browser UI dApp analyzes the user’s mouse movements in real-time.

It probably would be best to see all of that in action:

When hovered, the sidebar swiftly appears.
When hovered-out it smoothly goes away.

BUT… as user moves mouse cursor around… within the sidebar… the mouse position is constantly analyzed.
If you keep making large distances… the sidebar… it would not go away…
… only as distances the mice makes become low… the Browser comes into an assumption that it would be best to hide the sidebar away.

And it backs out up…

Various other interesting heuristics have been implemented to assure that everything works as intended…
The browser remembers the last time the sidebar was hidden… so to ensure appropriate grace periods for now showing the sidebar back again as soon as it disappeared… as soon as the sidebar disappears… the detection region is made transparent to mouse-events just to became mouse-events aware around 2500 milliseconds after.

Enjoy! :hugs:

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Now that is some fancy development going on :smiley:
I was not expecting that it requires that much work, sorry about that :sweat_smile:

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that’s never ‘work’ it’s always fun… well… almost. Compared to being one of the countless gears at Google, I say it’s a blessing… wasted too many years of my Life.
Firing up the Muse and off to Work. “(…) it’s time the Fat Cats had a heart attack (…)”

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That “fun” part sounds as if @TheOldWizard was standing above you and made sure you wrote a proper thing :upside_down_face:
It’s been a while since I listened to Muse, thanks for the reminder :slight_smile:

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