Browser Google issue

New release, new topic :slight_smile:
When I type in whatever in google search, switch to “images” and then type in something new to search while in “images” tab, then google returns an error “unable to find [link]”. If I “accept cookies” before switching to “images” it readily crashes before showing pictures.

I’m not sure whether I’ve fully understood the thing related to the ‘accept cookies’ button, nonetheless I’ve been surely able to reproduce the issue when typing anything within the search field while in the ‘images’ tab of Google.

Which is when Google throws an error like the one below:

@Alpacalypse was it the kind of behavior you’ve experienced?

While @CodesInChaos and others have been making undeniably huge progress with functionality coverage (many of the features and functionalities allowing for the already possible functionality are nowhere to be found and /or even mentioned), there surely are things yet to be improved.

The topic is extremely broad as it involves mangling with basically all types of web-technologies in real-time while also tricking the native web-browser. I say (not having worked at the web-proxy anonymization service at all) that this can be resolves rather quick. What’s your take on that @CodesInChaos ?

@CodesInChaos @vega4 focus on preparation of the GRIDNET Core software Release , you’ve got a deadline for this weekend. Is the automatic-update functionality to make its way into what is about to be released?

Then, when it comes to proxy services, kindly do take care of this.

Proper handling of Google is key, no matter the costs, due to its proliferation of use.

Yes, exactly that. “Accept cookies” issue made google behave differently depending on whether I chose to accept cookies or deny cookies upon searching a query.

We won’t make it with full auto-update functionality for today. Implementation of archivisation files’ support , together with update-mechanics for the Decentralized UI was a Task on the grounds of its own…
Also, additional code refactoring was needed to cope with proper handling of file-system on Microsoft Windows in a case in which the app is deployed through the Installer.

In brief: while the Software in terms of a functionality set might had been ‘ready’ before the ‘weekend’ as I reported during our call, making it Operational on target machines, taking into account restricted file-system rights under Microsoft Windows (for non-Administrative users) turned out to involve additional substation development overheads.

(…) we’re experiencing a minor delay indeed (…) all on the good path though (…) we might be deploying in a few hours (…)