🚀 Breaking News: We are Operational & Flying High!

We’re delighted to inform you that all components of the GRIDNET Decentralized Operating System are now fully operational and running in Release Mode with full CPU optimizations. This significant step forward underscores our commitment to delivering robust, cutting-edge technology for our users.

Our dedicated team, specifically @CodesInChaos, has been diligently working to enhance our system’s performance. Thanks to rigorous mutex-congestion analysis and the introduction of advanced performance tweaks, we’ve achieved a notable boost in system efficiency. This milestone was achieved by incorporating additional caching mechanisms, based on highly efficient Robin-Hood binary hash-maps, which serve as an interface between the RocksDB engine and the upper layers of our system.

Furthermore, we’ve successfully addressed an issue that arose during computational operations on CPUs (not to be mistaken with integrated GPUs). We appreciate your patience as we navigated this challenge and are pleased to report this bug is now resolved.

The next step in our journey is extensive system testing. We invite you, our esteemed community, to actively participate. Your feedback is invaluable as we strive to improve and evolve. As we continue to identify and address any necessary fixes, your experience and satisfaction with GRIDNET OS remain our top priority.

We look forward to your participation and feedback. Thank you for your continued support and involvement in the GRIDNET community.

Best Regards,