Attention! Major is here

Hey folks, I thought I would say ‘Hi’…

Well (…) I’ve been involved in this Project for a couple of long years now. Involved meaning like Really… Involved.

I’m the guy who used to work full-time at NASA and various other ‘sexy’ companies.

In terms of GRIDNET OS, - I’m the guy behind security, low-level programming, stuff like that.

Nowadays mostly retired.

In the breaks between checking-up on low-orbits satellites I surf across the globe on my yacht. Currently The Grenadines, Caribbean along with my loving wife.

Cheers to all of you (…) I’ll be doing my best to be checking on these forums as often as I can (…) installed the forum app (…) looking good. Well done.

Take us on the Yacht of yours would ya

I do support that notion.

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